DIY project -- convert an old hutch into a feeding station and bed

A raccoon-proof cat feeder should be at least 40 inches off the ground. The feeding station itself should have a skirt of smooth sheet metal or plastic to keep the raccoon from being able to obtain a grip once it has climbed to pole-base. Your feeder should also be enclosed with a waterproof roof to keep the cats and the food dry. In addition, an enclosed feeder will also deter smaller rodents from approaching from the top or birds from flying in to steal the kibble.

Enclosed feeding or litter box gadget for keeping your dog, kids, etc. out of the cat food!

I have a friend with three cats. Her ginger tabby likes to eat on top of the refrigerator. Her silver tabby likes to eat on the mantelpiece in her bedroom. For the third cat, the smallest of them all, she built an enclosed feeding box with a hole only big enough for the little kitty to access her meals.

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Feed-Safe feeding station is an enclosed feeding area for your cat to eat in a private place while keeping the dog away from your cat’s food. All you will need is something like a 2x4, 4x4 or pipe to mount it to. Basic cat feeders or combos shown without a black stand and Kibisan. ...For outdoor use, if you have raccoons in particular, we recommend that you enclose the feeder in a wooden box or at least use a chute protective guttering system as shown by many examples on our website. Digital timers keep time and programs when power is out or unplugged. Feeder will not feed during the actual power outage, but will resume normal operation when power resumes with no feed programs lost and no action required at the feeder.

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Gatefeeder handles your supervised feedings for you and feeds the right meal to the right cat. The perfect complement to your pet’s daily routine, it uses a Gatefeeder developed, collar mounted Smart ID to enable one designated cat access to food within an enclosed space. It guarantees all food – canned, kibble, a special diet or medication goes straight to the right cat, while simultaneously keeping mess and odors contained.

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