Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo Plush Enclosed Cat Bed

HOW DID WE START BREEDING; We brought a “pet” photos below and we fell in love with the breed and temperament of the Burmese Cat. We did some home work and phone calls and decided to become registered pedigree burmese breeders on a small hobby scale. Unfortunately we have now had to re home Hudson as we didn’t have the time and the space for a non breeding cat in our growing breeding program and thought he deserved better to be in a house loved and cared for, he is enjoying being with one other burmese cat and is now in a house sleeping on his new owners bed every night also with a fully enclosed backyard during the day! Like most Burmese Cats should be living!! We do miss him though!!

New Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo Plush Enclosed Cat Bed

There’s few things a cat loves more than an enclosed space, so your kitty is going to go crazy for the Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo Plush Cat Bed. Designed to keep the feline fur babies warm and cozy, the igloo shape has the added bonus of making your cat feel safe. There’s a Cuddle Comfort pillow on the inside for extra-plush lounging, and it’s completely removable for cleaning. The cute and compact design works in any room of the home, and it’s lightweight enough to move around as you or your cat wishes.

Pets Cat Bed Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo Plush Enclosed

New Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo Plush Enclosed Cat Bed Hi, Jean. Great site! Very helpful. We have an older tuxedo cat (whom we've named Felix) who found his way to our door (apparently, according to our neighbor, he's been wandering around here for years). He was clearly once owned by someone since he's been neutered, and he delights in not only our company but our dog's, as well. I tried to introduce him into our household (after taking him to the vet and having him checked out and vaccinated--thankfully he's FIV and FeLV negative), but our indoor cat wanted NO part of this idea. Nor, it seems does Felix. I've taken to letting him indoors when our cat is down in the basement--the happy hunting ground, as we call it--so he can have some affection time, but after a brief while he wants back outside. My question is we've made an enclosure for Felix out of a large TV box, insulated it with foam panels, plus it's wrapped with an old rug, several blankets, and waterproofed and windproofed with a large tarp. Inside (apart from those foam panels) he has a large foam bed covered with a couple of fleece blankets plus I've lined the sides of the box with a couple of old fleece jackets. But I still worry that this won't be sufficient to ward off the cold and wind of our upstate New York winter. Unfortunately we have no garage, no car port, no shed, or any other enclosed or even semi-enclosed area to put the box in, so it's just out on our front porch, up against the house but otherwise exposed to the elements--other than a roof to keep off the majority of the rain and snow. Is there anything else I can do to provide additional warmth? Thanks so much for your help!!

2017 New Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo Plush Enclosed Cat Bed

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New Petmaker Cozy Kitty Tent Igloo Plush Enclosed Cat Bed