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This video from Stratford Career Institute's Veterinary Assistant Course ... demonstrates how to properly put on and take off an Elizabethan collar (also known as a space collar, or cone) on a cat.

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Keep the Elizabethan collar remain in place for the specified amount of time. If your cat just can't seem to get the knack of eating with the collar on, you may take it off while she's eating as long as you can closely monitor her and make sure she's not chewing or licking any wounds. As soon as she completes her meal, it's time for you to properly put the collar back on for her.

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Cat Recovering from Extensive Bite Wound AbscessElizabethan collar is necessary to keep the cat from licking the wound. An Elizabethan collar (also known as an E-collar or a buster collar) is a plastic hood or cone that helps protect injuries or wounds from further damage. These collars prevent the cat from licking or chewing at an injury on its body, or from scratching or pawing at its face or head.

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Before using your E-collar, make sure that your veterinarian knows what you are doing. He or she may have suggestions or may feel that an Elizabethan collar is not appropriate for your pet. For certain animals, this type of treatment may be contraindicated!

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No. Elizabethan collars often restrict a pet's field of vision and will prevent your cat from seeing potential dangers. It is also easy for the collar to get caught in brush or on other objects, and may restrict its ability to walk in tight spaces or jump up or down. We recommend that a pet wearing an E-collar be kept indoors unless closely supervised when outdoors.Instead of using a pet elizabethan collar (e-collar), I stuff a sock and secure the ends with safety pins to make a little inner tube. My cat had surgery yesterday and the fuzzy sock I stuffed for her wound up looking like a little cat scarf. LOLDIY E-Collar - YouTube .... An Elizabethan collar, E-Collar, or pet cone is a protective medical device worn by an animal, usually a cat or dog. Shaped like a truncated cone, its purpose is to prevent the animal from biting or licking at its body or scratching at its head or neck while wounds or injuries heal. Today I share this easy tutorial on how to make an E-Collar hope ....... #DIY #pets #collar #petmedical #ecollarAn Elizabethan collar is a protective device often used after surgeries. It is shaped like a shortened cone and prevents your cat from licking his back and scratching his neck or head. These collars can be made out of hard plastic or softer materials, such as cardboard. Elizabethan collars can be purchased at your vet's office, your local pet store, or you can cheaply make your own at home. The benefit of making your own is the cost, as well as the ability to make one that fits your cat well.