I don’t agree with boasting that the NVR Miss always keeps litter inside the box; in our house a scree of kicked-up and tracked-out litter always fans out from the box’s entrance, such that we pair the box with a little rug that we can shake out from time to time. However, we prefer living with this sort of mess entirely more than the previous one. As such, I recommend the NVR Miss strongly to any companion of a cat with elevated tastes in litterbox use.

An elevated cat litter box?

A simple and effective approach to hiding litter box odor is to invest in a kitty condo/house. At the lowest level is a box with a slide out door to put your litter tray in. There is a small hole in the side for your cat to gain entry. The next level is a feeding area where you can keep your cat’s food elevated away from dogs or children. There is a play center in the middle and two sleeping platforms at the top. Also, there are multiple scratching posts in the formation. This is a great way to offer your cat everything he needs and help eliminate some of those cat box odors.

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the litterbox on some elevated area where the cat can just jump on top. Confine it to one room for a couple of weeks, so that it can acclimate to the new area without becoming overwhelmed. Equip the room with all of the comforts of home…a large litter box, a bed, food, water, and an elevated hiding spot. Be sure to spend extra time every day playing with your cat during this difficult time. You might also "prep" the new home with Feliway adding friendly pheromones to the new environment. Feliway is excellent for calming cats in stressful situations such as moving in or transporting to a veterinarian.

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yeah, you can use those pooper scoopers that people use for their dogs when they walk dogs or placing the litterbox on some elevated area where the cat can just jump on top.

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While most people prefer regular litter box, others prefer elevated litter box for their pet. What’s the difference between regular and elevated litter box? Well, this is what the difference is – a cat owner has to stoop down too often to scoop the litter from the box which may cause backache or other health issues. Besides that it’s a time consuming process. Whereas, elevated litter boxes have storage option below the box. This is usually a disposable system that’s build in.Moreover, these boxes are a great way to keep your dogs away from the litter box. Apparently, almost all the problems related to cat litter are solved with elevated litter boxIn fact, people who use a wheelchair can also easily take care of their pet’s litter box. They too can reach it easily and maintain it. Apart from the height factor, there’s another thing to consider – the cover to your box. Often, we hear people complaining about the cat’s urine bad odor and about cat’s privacy. If you’ve the same complain, then there are covered elevated litter boxes present as well. You can simply buy and get rid of these problems.Elevate the Litter Box. Put the box high enough to where your dog can’t reach it by standing on his hind legs. Perhaps on top of an unused table, counter or shelf. If you have a cat with mobility problems, set a cat tree nearby for easy access to the elevated box. If you do this, you’ll want to have an additional cat tree located elsewhere in your home, as a place just for your cat to enjoy and relax…away from her potty area.