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We opted to make our own raised feeders. We combed the internet for ideas before building two sets of elevated feeders out of wood. We have four cats, so we chose to make two feeding stations with holders for two bowls and a water dish holder to separate them. I painted the feeders to match our décor. I use Corningware bowls which, like stainless steel, are rust-free and non-leaching. (Plastic bowls end up with teeth marks and scratches that can harbor unhealthy bacteria). Our cats prefer shallow glass bowls over deep metal bowls, but both types are easily sanitized in the dishwasher.

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No more rattling bowls or sliding stands! Enjoy blissful silence as your cat dines from Loving Pets’ raised Silent Double Diner. This patent pending elevated bowl set features sound deadening rubber rings around veterinarian recommended stainless steel bowls. The stainless steel stand uses skid-free rubber feet to eliminate noise and prevent sliding and spilling. The color coordinated rubber rings and feet are removable, making the diner completely dishwasher safe. The bowls are our very own Ruff N’ Tuff bacteria resistant stainless steel. Silent Double Diners are available in 3 colors.

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Amoeba, elevated pet bowl for cats and toy breed dogs via Etsy Cat Friendly elevated feeder ceramic food bowl is a cute raised feeder bowl that helps your cat to eat in a more comfortable position by raising the food in about 1.9” high.

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Cat Friendly elevated feeder ceramic food bowl is a raised food bowl that helps cats to eat in a more elevated position, helping the cat’s digestion and reducing the stress in the cat’s body when leaning to eat.

@LorenAmazon sells an elevated bowl i am using for my cat.

As pet owners, we are always trying to figure out what is best for our beloved fur children. We want to make sure our pets have the right diet, plenty of toys and fresh water. Even something as simple as our dog and cats’ bowls can really play into our pets’ health and well-being. And, that’s where Trendy Pet’s bowls can help! They offer a wide range of stylish, elevated bowls that are tailored to your dog or cat’s needs.Trendy Pet’s Elevated dog bowls come in different heights, weights and bowl sizes to fit your dog’s exact specifications! If you have a small dog or large one, you can find the right size as they offer feeders ranging from 4 inches to 18 inches with two 2 Quart Bowls for your specific dog! They even offer a three-bowl elevated feeder for the family with multiple pets! Trendy Pets also came up with an awesome slow feed elevated stand with a raised center that slows down feeding and reduces gulping for our dogs that eat too fast.Trendy Pets offers a sleek looking elevated cat feeder that has a wide, shallow ceramic dish that helps minimize whisker stress for your cat. Whisker stress is when your cat’s whiskers touch the side of the bowl which can actually cause them pain and inhibit their appetite. A cat’s whiskers are the most sensitive sensory area, and the Whisker Stress Free Cat Bowl allows our finicky cats to eat without having their whiskers touch the side of the bowls! For cats that need a little height from their dish, the comes in two sizes that sit raised from the floor for a comfortable eating experience. The base of the feeder is stylish and water resistant solid pine holds stainless steel bowl inserts.
The base features anti-slip feet, and the bowls on the short feeder hold approximately 3 cups of food or water while the bowls on the tall feeder hold approximately 7 cups of food or water. No matter how big or small the cat, the PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder is a sophisticated option that provides comfort and class.