It features a removable lid that makes cleaning a breeze

Looking at it, you’d think that the C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder is a water jug and food processor combined. Well, it has a spout that makes it more like a water jug. Its base has electronic controls that you often see in a blender or even a food processor. Regardless of how you would describe the C3000, this cat feeder with timer is one amazing feat of engineering. The tamper-proof nozzle helps keep your kibbles safe and fresh without going stale. The kibbles are kept safe, dry, and fresh in the tinted plastic hopper that can accommodate up to 6.5 pounds of excellent quality feline kibbles. The LCD and control panel are a beauty to touch giving you superb control over the feeding schedule of your kitties. You can set it to dispense food as little as 10 grams. This is especially useful if you have kittens instead of adult ones or perhaps you have a sick kitty who’s lost its appetite due to illness. Whatever the case, you’ll find the C3000 cat food feeder a true gem to use. The C3000 operates on 4 pieces of C size batteries that has been rated to keep the C3000 running for a good 9 months tops.

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Animal Planet pet feeder is an electronic automatic food dispenser with integrated digital LCD control panel that allows you to set the meal times at your convenience up to 3 meals by day and set the portions according to your cat’s diet with a minimum of 1/4 of a cup.

Automatic Pet Feeder, the SmartFeeder by Petnet

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11 Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews 2017 | #1 Food Dispenser Guide

Amzdeal® Automatic cat Feeder Electronic Cat Feeder Dog/Cat Food Dispenser Programmable Cat Feeder Portion Control Dog Feeder * Quickly view this special cat product, click the image : Cat Collar, Harness and Leash

The #1 Automatic Cat Feeder Review Guide of 2017

Our unique quick feed feeder, dog food feeder, automatic pet feeder, electronic dog feeder raised, automatic pet water system, and Pet Fountain products are for all sizes of dogs, cats, horses, and other livestock. You control when and how much they eat because the fish food feeder, Ergo Auto Pet Feeder, Horse Feeder, and automatic horse feeder will automatically dispense predeterminedamounts of food at the exact times you choose. The automatic dog feeder, cat feeder, elevated dog feeder and automatic horse feeders will give you one less chore to worry about. All of our automatic water and feeders, including automatic horse feeder items, allow you to keep your busy schedulewhile not forgetting your horses' or pets' feed time. You can feel secure that your beloved animal is cared for and fed on time, every time.A unique dog feeder.The unit can be programmed to feed your pet cats up to five times on a daily basis. With Petsafe 5 Meal Electronic cat food dispenser, your pet cat will surely avoid overeating. Using the digital timer, you can establish and maintain a feeding schedule that increments by at least one hour every after each meal. You are free to choose your own feeding schedule depending on your preference and availability. You may opt for five equal portions of meal each day, or one meal each day within five days.