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The Isolation Area
All introductions start with the same basic rules. The newcomer, N-cat, will be isolated. The existing cat, E-cat, will have the run of the house except for the area designated as N-cat’s isolation area. The isolation area should be a room with a door that can be closed so there is absolutely no contact between the newcomer and the existing cat. N-cat’s room should have everything he needs to feel at home, food/water, litter box, some comfortable hiding places, scratching post and a few toys.

► Ideal 'E' Cat Door has a Transparent Unbreakable LEXAN* 7”x 9” flap with 4-way operation

Interior pet doors in your home let you keep certain pets in or out of certain rooms. Install it in the door to the room where you keep the litter box to give your cat a private bathroom, or install it in the door to your bedroom to let the cat in but keep the dog out.

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* Electronic lock may be turned off. When off door acts as a standard 4-way cat flap Automatic cat doors cost a bit more than manual cat doors, so they are not for everyone. But for those who need them, usually for security purposes, they are worth every penny. People who will consider nothing but an electronic cat door typically:

“Electronic”E-Cat Door™ INSTALLATION ..

The other key element that makes the Power Pet door unique is its extremely efficient, compact and quiet running DC gear-motor drive system. While the AC motor drives used in would-be competing products are cheaper and easier to employ, our engineers developed a sophisticated "puse-width-modulated" DC gear-motor drive that runs quick, cool and quiet while being small enough to allow the Power Pet door to have a very slim, attractive profile. This allows the door to be surface mounted making it very easy to install with an attractive, non-intrusive appearance in your home. Today, our new, improved PX-1 and PX-2 electronic doggie and kitty doors incorporate the latest developments in electro-mechanical engineering making Power Pet doors truly,

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