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Drymate Jumbo size premium cat litter mat 47" x 36" reduces tracking & keeps floors clean, urine proof & machine washable, with soft material that is comfortable for kittens’ paws, Charcoal. Customers spoke and we listened. You wanted a larger, machine-washable litter mat that both you and your cat could love, and here it is. The new 47” x 36” Extra-Large li

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I tested the textural comfort of the Drymate Litter Trapping Mat by pressing my forearm against it; the mat felt neutral against my skin. The cats obviously loved the feel of it. They immediately used it as a scratching pad and later napped on it.

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Personalized Drymate Cat Litter Box Mat is the solution for your pet's litter box mess. The Pampered Pet cat litter box mat from Drymate controls litter mess. Cats love to walk on this soft fabric! Place with litter box to protect floors and reduce litter tracking. This mat will aid in pulling the kitty litter from their paws. Machine washable and dryable

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At 47” x 36”, the Drymate Extra Large Litter Mat is one of the largest litter mats on the market. Large enough to fit two extra large litter boxes side by side, this mat is perfect for multiple cat households. The jumbo size allows customers to place the mat under litter boxes and pans to protect floors from urine accidents.

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Reduce litter tracking with a Litter Trapping Mat from Drymate. The ridged material gently separates cats’ paws when they land on it, causing litter to release from their paws. Litter is trapped within the ridges of the mat, reducing tracking throughout your home.The Drymate Cat Litter Mat is the perfect solution for accident-prone cats. The absorbent material soaks up messes quickly while the waterproof backing keeps them from soaking through to your floor.Cat with sensitive paws? No worries. The soft fibers of the Drymate Litter Mat are gentle on cats’ paws. The backing adds an additional layer of cushioning to ensure a soft landing for your pet.Add a decorative touch to your cat’s feeding station and protect your floor at the same time with a Drymate Cat Bowl Placemat. This mat is a great solution for cats who like to paw at the water in their bowl or fountain. The absorbent top layer contains spills while the waterproof backing prevents them from leaking through to your floor. These mats are available in a variety of colors and designs to match your décor…or more likely, your cat’s personality. Select mats are available with personalization.