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Compare the best cat food using expert ratings and consumer reviews in the official ... Fancy Feast is a Purina brand of gourmet wet and dry cat food. Founded in ...

Could you review Boreal dry cat food? I’ve been experimenting with various dry and raw.

Hi, I just adopted two kittens (a long hair and a short hair grey/white). For all my life (I had my two beloved cat for 1 years and I just lost them couple months ago) they have been fed on Royal Canin. I visited PetsValu yesterday and tried to purchase the Royal Canin Kitten formula and been given their house brand performatrin to try. I have found the food have a very strong smell and it contains grain. I wasn’t sure about it and spent the whole night reading reviews and recommendations online. I was going give Orijen a try but they are now not made in Canada anynmore.? They are both a rescue kitten from Quebec and just turn 3 months. Do you have any suggestion on which one dry and wet food I should try.? In gratitude.

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Hello, I’d like your thoughts on combining a prescription Hills Metabolic dry cat food with a high quality dry cat food listed in your reviews. We have been feeding our cat Iams Dry Cat Food for Indoor Weight and Hairball Control (turquoise bag) for the last couple of years without a problem until now. I bought a new bag at the beginning of April (2017) at Walmart and for the last couple of weeks he has been throwing up very frequently after eating it. I am concerned it could be the cat food. I called the customer service number on the bag to make a report. They said there have not been any similar reports made to them recently. However, I don't know that they would necessarily tell me even if there have been. I saw the other review written here (April 2017) stating a similar issue with their cats. It makes me wonder if it really is the cat food. If this is happening to your cats PLEASE report it to Iams. They are sending me a voucher to buy a fresh bag, but I am a somewhat reluctant to do so.

Fancy Feast is a Purina brand of gourmet wet and dry cat food

Best Dry Cat Food Reviews: All of us want to keep our cats as healthy as possible. And health is always related to the kind of food one eats. Same goes with cats. Only best cat food can provide all the to stay healthy. But because there are innumerable options of best dry cat food brands beaming the markets, it has become quite challenging for the cat-owners to pick the best cat food for their pets.

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Orijen costs more than other grain-free dry cat foods. Pound for pound, Orijen costs more than other top-rated dry cat foods. However, most other dry cat foods include grain or have less meat. This cuts costs, but experts say cats are true carnivores that require a meat-based diet. Several cat owners also note that their cats actually eat less when they're fed grain-free foods, because the foods are more nutrient-dense. One grain-free dry cat food that costs less and gets good reviews is . It contains less meat than Orijen, however, and its safety record isn't quite as strong. But it's still a good budget choice, reviewers say. Taste of the Wild also doesn't enjoy a spotless recall record and Taste of the Wild's dry cat food varieties were part of the 2012 Diamond Pet Food salmonella recall. Taste of the Wild hasn't been recalled since, but some pet owners wrote scathing reviews of the food at the time. However, plenty of others say their cats have been thriving on Taste of the Wild for years, and most give it rave reviews.