You might hear muffled meows or barks

By contrast, when a cat enters REM sleep, it loses all muscle tension below the neck and relaxes completely, as shown in the second picture. When a cat or other animal is limp like this, the EEG shows rapid, erratic activity characteristic of REM sleep. In dogs, cats, and rabbits (among other animals) one can observe external signs of dream activity such as paws and whiskers twitching during REM sleep. Mandy's paws were twitching when the picture was taken.

A Dog's Dream Daycare, Naples, Florida, offers day care, boarding, grooming, special needs services and more for small dogs and cats.

A scientist from Harvard told People Magazine what she thinks dogs and cats dream about. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the story.

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Well, just like us, they are dreaming

cat Pictures Of Cats And Dogs Do Dream 92 Fantastic Photo Inspirations Ftr To Color 92 Fantastic Pictures Of Cats And Dogs Photo Remember that no one can truly interpret your cat dream apart from you. The symbols in our dreams take on different meanings depending on how we feel about certain things. For example, if you are afraid of dogs because you were bitten as a child versus if you are a dog lover who has three pets at home. If you have had a dream of a cat, consider how you would feel about cats in your waking life and explore this theme in your meditation.

She said that makes it a good guess that cats and dogs dream as well.

They’re dreaming of “dog” things
Humans have a specific part of the brain, the pons, which keeps us from acting out our dreams. When scientists in dogs, they started doing things like digging imaginary holes, fighting with pretend burglars, and chasing dream birds or cats.

Cat Dream Interpretation | Best Dream Meaning

Of course pets dream! We've all seen our pets running in their sleep, cats swatting at imaginary mice, and dogs growling at invisible intruders. Scientists at MIT confirm that dogs' and cats' brains are constructed much like ours—with memories stored in the hippocampus replaying in their minds during REM sleep.Every Pet's Dream believes that dogs feel safe with rules and boundaries and thrive with training, exercise and love. Cats also feel safe with boundaries, a great place to hide and plenty of love as well. As dogs and cats doze, images of past events replay in their minds much the same way humans recall experiences while dreaming, said of MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory in , Mass. That's because the hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in memory, is basically wired the same way in virtually all vertebrates and mammals, he said.Since the hippocampus is wired similarly in rats, cats, dogs, and humans research on the REM sleep of one yields insight on the dreams of all. Some of the groundwork about animal dreams was done in rats by Matthew Wilson and Kenway Louie of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.