The Zebra finch is a highly adaptable species that will breed under the most adverse conditions. It is the perfect avicultural specimen. It can take extremes in temperature, is highly resistant to disease and parasites, can survive on minimal food and water of atrocious quality, requires minimal space and gets along well with other of its kind and other species and will attempt to breed in any of those conditions. There was a report of wild specimens that were captured and placed in a holding cage attempting to breed while that cage was still in the back of the vehicle. Now that's a ready breeder! In the wild, the rains trigger the breeding season. Wild males will begin courting as soon as 48 hours after the first rains. With the domesticated Zebras, they are nearly always ready to breed. For some, it is more difficult to get them to stop breeding than to start and the only way I have found to stop them is to remove the nest box. This won't stop the hens from laying eggs, but it does remove a formal nest that they will defend, lay and incubate eggs in.

The society finch (North America) or Bengalese finch (elsewhere), Lonchura striata domestica ..

What many people don't always realize is that little finch in your living room aviary is also a wild finch. Wild in its' own respect, but domesticated by capture or breeding. However it is still very wild in a biological aspect. So why do so many assume that a bag of finch seed mix is enough to keep little finch happy and healthy?

Society (Bengalese) Finches - Lonchura striata domestica

Tests have shown that the Society finch is a domesticated form of the White-rump mannikin Bring home two unless you've chosen the territorial canary, a finch who prefers the single life. Most are social creatures and cannot live a healthy life without a finch buddy. There are several domesticated finch species to choose from in enough colors to match any home decor. The zebra finch, for instance, is a longtime favorite of avian fans and comes in about 20 different hues.

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There are numerous species of finch, but among the most popular as pets are the zebra finch (Poephila guttata) and the society (or Bengalese) finch (Lonchura domestica). These species are hardy and relatively easy to care for, so are an excellent choice for the new owner. Some of the other finch species are more challenging to care for and are best left for more experienced finch keepers. As an example, the Lady Gouldian finch is a strikingly beautiful, brightly colored finch, but are more difficult to care for and keep successfully than zebra finches.

Zebra Finch Personality, Food & Care | Pet Birds by Lafeber Co.