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Some antibiotics can cause liver damage in some dogs. This is considered a relatively rare side effect. Read the information sheets that come with your pet's meds -- they'll tell you what to watch out for. Immunosuppressant and anti-spasmodic drugs can also cause liver damage, especially when they're combined with an antibiotic or painkiller. Make sure your vet is aware of all medications your pet is taking before she prescribes additional ones. Have regular tests for your doggy's liver values if he's being medicated for any chronic condition.

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Most of us really don’t want to believe that our dog is in pain, and we can build up a good deal of resistance to the idea of using medication. And of course there is the expense involved – medications for dogs can set you back quite a bit financially – so sometimes, it’s easier to just convince ourselves that medication is not really necessary. Trust me, though, modern veterinarians are very much in tune with pain management, and your vet will never prescribe pain relief if it is not warranted.

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Prescription NSAIDS for dogs, pain relief for dogs, arthrits medication Although gabapentin has been around for many years, its use in dogs and cats is fairly new. Your veterinarian may recommend gabapentin for several conditions: as a mild before coming into the veterinary clinic, as an add-on pain medication, or as part of a management protocol.

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Research of the neurobiological mechanisms of neuropathic pain is an area of science where the input of human experience is being utilized to help the advancement of care for our animal friends. Neuropathic pain can take many forms, which cannot be described to us by our dogs, such as burning or stabbing. The veterinarian, of which it's important to pick a doctor with some experience in this particular field, will analyze the existence of this chronic pain in your dog by looking at your pet’s history, and checking causes like an identifiable lesion, and through a neurological examination to rule out other possible causes of pain. A combination of both medication and therapy such as acupuncture will be suggested upon identification of neuropathic pain.

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