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Water dogs fall into two categories for hunting: the retrievers and multi-purpose. Retrievers are excellent swimmers with characteristic webbed feet, and many derive from either Canadian, American, or British stock. Retrievers typically have oily coats that help repel icy water, and are noted for having high intelligence and being very strongly bonded to their masters. The is very unusual in the fact that it "tolls"-plays around in the hopes of attracting the attention of waterfowl from above and then letting its master shoot the bird, whence it retrieves it and goes back in the blind. It's long silky double coat is ideal for brushy locations hunters hide in for waterfowl. are originally from Scotland: their long, flowing, blonde double coats make them ideally suited to Scotland's rainy wet climate and their patience on land and in water is the stuff of legend; they shall wait for a bird for hours and will obey their master so long as master rewards him with fond affection. were bred in England for both upland bird hunting and for still water retrieval, and are noted for being very stubborn even if the weather is wet, windy, and cold: they simply will not leave the field until they have found the goose and brought it back to master.

This category collects information about how dogs breed and how and why people breed dogs.

This is a list of articles about types of people who work with (or are associated with) dogs and about specific individuals in those categories.

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JJ Krawczyk  Category: Service Dogs  Location: Apex, NC  Charity Partner: Eyes Ears Nose & Paws Gabe began his service to the United States of America as a Military Working Dog in 2006 and as such has had an impact not only on the life of Charles Shuck, his handler, but indeed American soldiers around the world. Gabe has been stationed from Fort Lewis, Washington, to Fort Bliss, Texas, to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and Fort Hood, Texas. He is an American Hero Dog. While deployed to Iraq, he completed over 210 combat missions with 26 finds of explosives and weapons. When Gabe is not leading a combat mission he frequently visited wounded troops in Army hospitals and he visited school children in elementary schools. Gabe was selected as the American Kennel Club Heroic Military Working Dog in 2008 and was the runner up in the American Humane Association Military Working Dog category for the 2011 Hero Dog Awards. Gabe retired in 2009 after a very distinguished career earning over 40 awards and coins of excellence for his work. What he does is out of a love for his country and the people of the United States. Gabe continues to visit schools and inspire children with compassion and respect and the importance of staying in school. Gabe will proudly represent the U.S. Military Police for many years to come. Gabe is competing for the United States War Dog Association, Inc., a nonprofit organization of former and current U.S. Military Dog handlers and supporting members committed to promoting the long history of the Military Service Dogs, establishing permanent War Dog Memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these dogs to our country.

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Charity Partner: Glory (Evansville, WI) – Glory is a certified accelerant detection canine, trained to sniff out minute traces of hydrocarbon-based accelerants and combat the growing problem of intentionally set fires. While her team does the majority of their work around their home base in Beloit, Wisconsin, they are also called to investigate fires anywhere within the state, neighboring states, and around the country. According to her team, Glory’s keen senses go far beyond detecting accelerants. With firefighters and paramedics dealing with situations that affect them emotionally, she has the ability to sense who is having a rough day and will spend time with them, which helps relieve their stress. Public education is also a large part of the job, and Glory and her handler visit schools, clubs, and organizations, to teach people about fire safety, fire prevention, and arson awareness.

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