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If you love dogs and you want to pursue dog training as a career, Dog Trainer College gives you the tools and skills you need to become a certified dog trainer. Our dog trainer certification schools serve students in Michigan and other areas across the Midwest, giving dog lovers the opportunity to become expert dog trainers. With courses available in a variety of fields, you can learn how to train dogs for a career as a service dog, police dog, detection dog and more.

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There are many routes to everything, and becoming a dog trainer is no different. There’s no one certification body, school, or course of studies to be a canine guru. There’s not even a set title! You can be a dog trainer, a canine psychologist, a behaviorist, anything you want to call yourself works in Seattle, as long as you’re not a vet, since “Veterinary Behaviorist” is an official title that requires extra studies for veterinarians. The most recognized certification for professional dog trainers is the from the . To become a CPDT-KA (knowledge assessed), you need 300 hours of experience training others, referrals from a client, a colleague, and a veterinarian and you have to pass a written test on dog training. They have also recently developed a certification for canine behavior consultations (aggression, etc.) and a skill assessment for CPDTs.

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Edmonton Dog Trainers: Begin Search By Looking For Schools That Offer Certification. Conifer Canine’s Dog Trainer College hosts a variety of students seeking to become a dog trainer on a professional level. Our courses are college-level with a focused concentration upon dog training. Certification from the Dog Trainer College bears an air of quality and professionalism seldom seen elsewhere. Well-rounded schools for dog trainers are few and far between. You will be hard-pressed to find another school in the nation who is as comprehensive or as focused as the Dog Trainer College. International students are welcome. Financing and lodging are available. The College is located near Spencer, Indiana. We also offer an . The Dog Trainer College teaches the skills you need for the career you want! Lodging and financing are available.

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One of the most rewarding jobs in animal care is to become certified in Calgary Dog Training. For Canadians who love animals, becoming a professional obedience instructor requires attending a reputable program through one of the Calgary Alberta dog training schools. Since not all dog training programs offer certification, you’ll want to locate a school that offers diverse training strategies, as well as certification to ensure you get the best education possible.

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