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Today's GPS tracking devices can locate your pooch almost anywhere, whether he's in the other room or on the other side of town. Investing in a best dog GPS collar can save you a lot of headache, problems, questions when your Fido goes missing, and possibly even safe your dog's life one day. Unfortunately, the better pet GPS system is, the more expensive it will cost; and these prices can go really high, up to $700-800 per unit.

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The Astro 430 with T 5 or T 5 mini device is the premier tracking system for sporting dogs. Track up to 20 dogs at up to 9 miles with high-sensitivity Garmin GPS/GLONASS receiver/transmitter. Provides enhanced map drawing capabilities, BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery compatibility, and a 3‑axis electronic compass. Shows dog location, status and distance.

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Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locator - GPS tracking device overview and full product specs on CNET. 3. Inflexible boundary system – it’s just a circle centred on your chosen home location. Since we take the dog for a daily walk, we’d like to be able to make the rough path of that walk “safe” – otherwise we have to turn the tracker off to avoid getting a false positive. THEN remember to turn it back on – and there’s the problem, all too often we forget. It would be great if they could do software tweaks needed to allow a more flexible safe zone, but I suspect it would need hardware changes in the unit as well. Tractive 2 perhaps?

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. The Tractive pet locator comes with all the standard functions of a good gps collar for dogs, such as zone alerts when your dog leaves a certain area, real time dog tracking, and finding your lost dogs. All these dog tracking functions are made easier at night because the light on the pet gps tracker will make it easier to also visually find your dog. The Tractive dog collar gps works with Android and iOS. Head over to .

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Pet locators are nothing new, but Eric Tsai’s not only tells him where his dog is, it can also tell him if and where it’s pooping. Or if it’s just sitting down somewhere. It’s not perfect, but damn if it isn’t clever.accessible from anywhere an internet connection is available, using your mobile device or computer to instantly locate your four-legged family member on google maps. The Gibi browser-based app allows you to create safe zones. If your dog leaves your preset safe zone borders, you’ll receive alerts via email and/or text. Check your dog’s location with real-time updates, precise location information, and directions using Gibi’s one-click button. The Gibi pet locator is thoughtfully designed to securely attach to just about any collar, so you can keep using your favorite collar.It will then make an audible alert and a timestamp as well as mark the location of the dog at the time of pooping. Skip to 2:30 in the video below to watch Eric demonstrate his tracker’s poop detection at work: Radio collars are considered the "older" technology, but they've been improved. No longer do they all have antennas on the dog's collar (although many long-range ones designed for hunting dogs still do), but you still must be within a certain range to detect your dog. As long as you're within range (which could mean driving around until you get a signal), it takes only about a second to transmit your dog's location. Radio might not find your pet indoors, unless it's penetrating radio frequencies, which is used by one collar we looked into.