Palmetto Bay man shoots, kills 1 of 2 dogs attacking his cat

However, other than rage, there may be other feelings going on. According to dog trainer David D. Cardona, when hunting, dogs reach an emotional natural high as the neurochemical ‘dopamine’ ends up sending endorphins throughout the dog's body. The hunting action itself therefore, becomes addicting and self-reinforcing." Temple Grandin claims that animals like having their predatory circuits turned on because predatory killing means dinner. When a dog is engaging in predatory behavior, the behavior stems from the same areas of the brain where the "seeking circuits" come from. These are circuits that elicit curiosity, intense interest and anticipation as animals seek what they want. It's a pleasurable feeling a cat that kills a mouse must feel or a primate peeling a ripe banana must feel. As humans we may feel the same way when we catch many fish or go on a grocery shopping spree.

The position would be very different if your dog trespasses on their property and kills their cats or injures them.

An owner or keeper of any dog that kills, wounds, or harasses any dairy cattle shall be jointly and severally liable to the owner of such dairy cattle for all damages done by such dog; and it is not necessary to prove notice to or knowledge by any such owner or keeper of such dog that the dog was mischievous or disposed to kill or worry any dairy cattle.

Teen arrested after dog kills cat, attacks other | DAYTON ..

Buying fur or fur trim supports an industry that kills millions of domestic dogs and cats each year—both on purpose and accidentally in traps. PS Please add Rhodesian Ridgebacks to your list - we learned later that sudden cat kills are the #1 problem with this breed. They're fabulous dogs for experienced owners (they are highly intelligent) who don't have cats.

Puppy dog kills cat to steal food..

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The title says it all. Crazy dog kills jelly cat. This dog should be put to sleep! :)

Dog kills cat; cat owner kills dog; dog owner shoots cat ..