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The collar tag. I think dogs should wear collars and tags whenever they are outside of the house or kennel. Should the public encounter the dog, they are conditioned to look for a collar tag and the tag is an easy, concise place to record important information. Collar tags should be used in addition to another form of identification, however. Tags cannot be relied on as they are too easily lost, removed or destroyed. Collar tags can be the first line of defense or a backup, but should never be the only ID your dog must depend on. It is *not* advisable to have your dog's name on a collar tag, however.

should always consider more than one form of identification for your dog."

A dog identification tag is a necessity. In spite of an owner's best efforts to maintain the safety of a dog, sometimes dogs get loose. In that unhappy event, a search begins. A dog identification tag can help bring the dog home quickly and safely. Additionally, many municipalities require dogs are licensed to ensure proper vaccination.

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Photos: Sterilized dogs with ear identification tags (Eastern Europe, Turkey) There are options for an ID tag other than the classic metal tag, which may rust unless it's made of stainless steel. Plastic tags are sturdy and don't jingle as loudly as metal, but they can also fade and become brittle with age. Engraved metal ID plates can be attached directly to flat collars, and some nylon collars can have your phone number woven or imprinted on them directly. A small metal or plastic identification barrel attached to a collar is a distinctive variation on the ID tag. These eye-catching devices unscrew to reveal a slip of paper on which you can record not only your name and phone number but important medical information about your dog, too.

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To obtain a service dog identification tags, you must complete the ““ There is no cost for the service dog tag. However, your dog must also have a valid, current dog license at the time of issuance. Emotional support or companion animals are not eligible for service dog identification tags.


Our ID tags for working, service and therapy dogs are custom made and engraved, with inscriptions in large, bolded text for easy, quick reading. In addition to traditional tags we offer ID patches and cards to allow for clear, concise identification of your dog and their respective duties to their owner.Shelter staff and veterinarians routinely make subjective dog breed identification based on appearance, but their accuracy regarding pit bull-type breeds is unknown. The purpose of this study was to measure agreement among shelter staff in assigning pit bull-type breed designations to shelter dogs and to compare breed assignments with DNA breed signatures. In this prospective cross-sectional study, four staff members at each of four different shelters recorded their suspected breed(s) for 30 dogs; there was a total of 16 breed assessors and 120 dogs. The terms American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, pit bull, and their mixes were included in the study definition of ‘pit bull-type breeds.’