A dog identification tag is a necessity

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Our ID tags for working, service and therapy dogs are custom made and engraved, with inscriptions in large, bolded text for easy, quick reading. In addition to traditional tags we offer ID patches and cards to allow for clear, concise identification of your dog and their respective duties to their owner.

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Dog Identification Tags | Pet ID Tag Information - Love Your Pets ID Tags It may seem like a no-brainer, but having is incredibly important. Most dog owners would agree that having identification on your dog is important, but a study done by found that while 80% of pet owners thought Pet ID tags were important, only 33% of them said their pet wears an ID tag all of the time.

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Pet Parents are responsible for their dog’s safety and well-being, so having an up-to-date ID tag on your dog is the responsible thing to do. Here at dogIDs, we have a variety of options for all breeds and personalities of dogs. We have our that are easy to read and durable, our or if you want your dog’s identification to be attached to collar (they’re a great way to get rid of the jingling tags or prevent the loss of your dog’s tags), and a variety of for something a bit more fun. No matter which style you choose, the important thing is that your dog is identified to keep them safe, happy, and healthy!

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dogIDs offers a wide variety of dog tags for pets, but our traditional metal dog id tags are a customer favorite! Pet owners that prefer classic identification tags will rejoice in knowing that we carry all of the timeless shapes and sizes that many people identify with pet id tags.Dog identification tags are simply the best way to protect your pooch in case it gets lost. If you dog is ever lost, it is much more likely to be found and returned if there is an id tag on the collar. In order to have a greater chance of your dog being returned, you should include both the dog and owners' names, as well as a phone number or address of the home. In case of injury, having the dog's veterinary office information on the id tag could help save your dog's life!

If you have many dogs, make sure each one has their own unique pet id tag. Or if you have many collars, don't be caught putting one on your beloved dog without their id tag.

Finally, whether you have a small dog you just love to cuddle up with or a large breed that can hold their own, you want to make sure that their pet identification tag is going to last a long time. Pick a material that is going to stand up to your situation and a size just right for your dog.