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Ever since there is humanity, there have been discussions about which pet is better: cat or dog. Since you can hardly have both (they do not always like each other that much), you have to make a choice. Why do that? Just get yourself a virtual cat or virtual dog (or both!) and your real pet, if you have one, will not be jealous. Virtual pets games have many advantages and this is one of them. Emma The Cat - Virtual Pet will be a great choice if you feel like playing with a virtual cat. Mini games for kids inside this talking cat app will amaze you. Don't pay attention to the fact that this is a kids game. The adults are only grown up children. If you are a parent, you'll have an extra reason to download this cat talking game. Virtual pet Emma is waiting to win your heart! Don't let this cute little virtual cat wait for too long!

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"Cat vs Dog" is a brand new designed classic game, cool to play and Free!
Throw bones over the barrier to hit the cat! Use the special props to increase the attack power!
Play this game with your friends, have fun!
How to play:
1. Click and hold to choose power, release to throw.
2. Check the wind direction before throwing.
Game Props:
Double attacks, Poison gas attacks, Heavy hits, Stop the wind, Restore blood
Game Features:
- Lovely graphics and amazing game play.
- Single player mode & two player's versus mode.
- Global leaderboards.
- Many games props and challenging levels
- Easy to play, it is fun for all age players.
Tags: Cats & Dogs.
Download link:
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With these fun dog and cat games, incorporating your four-legged pals into playtime has never been easier. Incorporating pets into your children’s playtime will give your four-legged pals their daily dose of exercise while bonding as a family. Try out these kid-friendly dog and cat games to take playtime to a whole new level.

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So many dog owners love to dress up their pets and make them look adorable while keeping them warm and dry at the same time. But how about those of us who don´t have own dogs? Or those who have pets like cats and bunnies who do not like to be dressed up? When you play these pet dress up and caring games you can feel like a pet owner without all the mess! Some games start with bathing and brushing the pet while other games go straight to the dressing up part. And some game, my personal favorites, focus on customizing a pet or an animal, various animals from a house cat to a mythical creature like a unicorn.

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