Designer Cat Litter Box with New Leopard Print Cover

Discrete and stylishly designed Litter Box Cat Cabinet that keeps all the unwanted odors inside. Wooden construction is decorated in colored pull knobs and other finishes, which give it more of an antique appearance.

Ikea hack that's an affordable alternative to designer cat litter box furniture

The designers at Modko have been hard at working developing two new cat litter innovations that are being unveiled today a ICFF. First is Flip, their new convertible cat box. Flip gets its name from its hinged, magnetic lid which effortlessly opens with a finger and gratifyingly shuts with a snap. The top access makes it [...]

Kittyagogo Designer Cat Litter Box with Polka Dot Cover

An espresso color Designer Catbox litter box cabinet is shown in the picture. Ikea always has wonderful furniture for you, including for your cat. Cat litter box from ikea comes with different design from each other but still give your cat comfortable room to lie down.

Designer Cat Litter Box with Polka Dot Cover.

Cat owners with taste and style choose the Kitty A GoGo designer litter box. This high-quality plastic cat litter box features a silver metallic finish.

Kitty A GoGo Black Plastic Designer Cat Litter Box with Domed Lid

This outerspace inspired is designed with an opening just large enough to let your cat in, but limits the projections of litter that come out. Its quirky design will have everyone eyeing it up, just don't be surprised if they need some convincing that it really is a litter box! Now you don't have to compromise! The Designer Catbox is a perfect solution to help keep your litter box concealed, but easily accessible to your cats. This elegant piece of furniture is a stylish addition to any home, and also helps to minimize odor and prevent litter from being kicked out onto the floor. It's about time your cat's litter box started thinking about you! The is a tasteful and practical addition to your bathroom, with its towel rail, shelves, and versatile design, this litter box isn't just about kitty. Keep your house clean with this unique litter box design that allows cats to enter easily through the top while keeping dogs at bay. The grated top cleans your cat’s paws on their way out, preventing litter from being tracked onto the floor and around the house.