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While you may only want to use just the feather attachment with Da Bird, I found the Sparkler, Fur fun and Kitty puff attachments to be extremely addictive. My cat Marsh has an affinity for the sparkler. I will use it as a fast moving pray on the floor and drive it under closed doors or under cabinets. Marsh will meow, trying to get to the sparkler, at that time, I will yank the string again, and the cat toy is free again to run around.

This is such a good toy for cats. I highly recommend it, easily worth the 8 dollars. Cat playing with GoCat Da Bird

Go Cat's Da Bird original long wand cat toy is a high quality interactive long wand (36" long) cat toy that cats simply love. The feather lure end is attached via a swivel that imitates the sound and movements of small birds flying.

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playing with Da Bird cat toy My cat Marshmallow loves this Da Bird cat toy, it's the best in my opinion. - THE BEST toy for cats, hands down. I've gone through two poles already and at least 10 attachments in a year. It's excellent.

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Number One and the best Cat Toy: Da Bird Cat Toy - the best hands down. Cats cannot resist it. It's a flyer, as simple as a two feathers tied to a rope on a stick. My cat Marsh loves his to death. To save money, I buy attachments directly from Go-Cat, 12 at a time. It's only $36 for 12 feathers, a great price. Truthfully, there're NO better cat toy around.

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In fact, my cat constantly thinks it's a bird, so I cannot even leave Da Bird toy on the floor, because he rips it apart. I keep my da bird on top of a tall dresser. I can truly recommend Da Bird, it is the best of the best!The GoCat Da Bird interactive wand toy is a favorite for bird-loving cats. This toy looks and moves like a real bird. Compared to other feather cat toys, Da Bird is much better quality and will last quite a bit longer.From Go-Cat's Web site: "Welcome to the online home of GO-CAT™ Feather Toys! Our products are high quality, durable interactive toys for cats. We have sold over 1 million of our premier product, DaBird™. This aerodynamically designed toy mimics the motion of a real bird in flight. NO CAT CAN RESIST IT! It is recommended by veterinarians as a great way for your cat to exercise. Many of our customers have told us that their cats have become obsessed with our toys. Therefore, we recommend that you hide them when not in use." Like other cat-teaser wands, this toy encourages cats to get exercise by chasing, jumping, batting, and pouncing. Da Bird is the type of toy that really encourages a cat's natural instinct to hunt. The feather attachment looks much more like a real bird than many other feathered cat toys. And if you wave the wand particularly fast, the larger feathers make a sound as they whip through the air like real bird wings.