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Made of tiny silica gel beads (yes, the same things in the “do not eat” packets that come with certain products we buy), crystal litter is highly absorbent, offers good odor control and is known for being dust-free. Some cat owners say it tracks less than some other litters. Crystal litters tend to be a bit more expensive than other options, but proponents claim that it lasts longer, which makes it worth the price. Critics warn that cats may not like the rough shape of the crystals on their paws.

: Great price for a litter with crystals, great job of knocking out cat waste odors

The So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter Review earns 2.5 out of 5 cats. For the high price, the sale points just aren’t there. We understand that not everybody wants a clumping litter, but we feel this product really needs something like that to bump up the performance some as the crystals it uses are a bit lacking, particularly in regards to keeping in urine smells anywhere near the advertised time that they can. At least it is a pretty easy to maintain litter.

So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter

Pet Product Review – Pestell Clear Choice Low Track Silica Crystals Cat Litter Another difference was in crystal size. Dr. Elsey’s has very small fine crystals which is best for fishing out the turds as I don’t have to sift or shake the scoop which helps prevent kicking up dust. ExquisiCat’s crystals were just too big, making it exteremely difficult to scoop. If you go with that brand I recommend finding a scoop with very large spaces between the tines. Petco Crystal litter is in-between. Sometimes I get crystals stuck in my scoop (a litter lifter) but for the most part, the crystals fall through with 1-2 shakes.

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I have found that the crystals do track out of the box but don’t make it very far before working themselves loose. Traditional litter would find its way throughout my house but with the crystal I only need to sweep the first 10 feet from the box. I haven’t noticed any dust making its way out of the box or sticking to the cats feet.

So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter

I have been field testing crystal cat litter for 6 months. “Crystal” cat litter is made from Silica, just like those little packets of crystal beads with the warning “do not eat!” you often find in packaging to keep things fresh.With both the clay and walnut litter, I had to clean my cat’s feet to remove the dust which clings and clumps in-between their toes. I was briefly concerned that the cats would eat the crystals or have trouble from licking it from their feet but luckily that has not been an issue.This is one area where the brands differed. Dr. Elsey’s by far has the least amount of dust, both when pouring and scooping. ExquisiCat came in second. Petco Crystal litter has the most dust, especially when I’m stiring up the pee spots. I would say of all the types of litter I have tried so far (clay, corn, wheat, walnut) that this has the least dust.Because they absorb so much liquid, crystal litters result inless-frequent litter box changes. The owner of a single adult cat mayonly need to change the litter once a month (with daily scooping offecal material, of course), which also helps reduce the amount oflitter box waste cat owners throw away.