Crazy Cat Pants are, well, crazy

Cats are naturally curious and love to investigate new places. Four Paws Crazy Pants will engage and entertain your cat like no other toy. This brightly colored crawl-through is roomoy enough for exploring, hiding, or just plain cat napping. Completely lined with crinkle material and just a pinch of Super Catnip, guaranteeing your cat will delight in the thrill of the Crazy Pants experience.

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i forgot about this cuz it's been so long since i've worn pants (i wear shorts as long as the temp's like 60+ degrees). my cat goes ballistic when i wear pants, she's always sniffing the legs. i don't stink (i even just got out of the shower and these pants are brand new and have been washed like once but this is the first time i've worn them) and she's like constantly sniffing the legs of my pants? does anyone else have a crazy cat?

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Leggings Crazy Cat Lady | Crazy Cat Lady Legging/Pants Xsmall/Small By Vicmes… Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Cat Pants are, well, crazy! The pants are constructed of highly durable polyester and printed with BOLD and bright patterns. The Pants themselves have been sprinkled, oh so lightly, with catnip (within the lining) and have...

Catnip Toys: Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants Cat Tunnel.

The lady at the bank asked me if I owned any cats, and then told me how much she loved my sweater, but didn’t think she could pull it off without looking like a crazy cat lady. I told her there is nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady. Embrace it! Right? Also, these pants? I have a secret to tell you about these pants. They are J. Crew pixie pants and I found them at for $11. Yes, you read that correctly. They are my absolute favourite pants. Ever. Whenever I get a great deal on basically brand new (!!) cothing, I really just get this overwhelming feeling that I am just winning at life, you know? It’s a pretty great feeling, not gonna lie.

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