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For the most feline-obsessed (or perhaps simply those who enjoy injecting a bit of comedy into Halloween), matching one's own favorite Grumpy Cat is a fresh and novel way to go about the cat costume. If your feline friend is a striped tabby, choose an orange and white striped costume. For those who own an enigmatic black cat, a dark bodysuit will do the trick. Bonus points for anyone who takes a selfie with their pet.

Dressed up as Yoda, this cat is | 28 Halloween Costumes For Cats That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

If you do dress your cat up for the holidays, consider a few things first. Be sure to choose a costume without long strings or . These can catch on things around the house, endangering the cat, or they might chew on and ingest them. This can lead to significant health risks, including intestinal blockage.

The 16 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Cats

Dressed up as Yoda, this cat is | 28 Halloween Costumes For Cats That Will Put A Smile On Your Face Turn your cat into a fierce pirate with this awsome pirate costume. Made of polyester and non-woven fabric, soft and breathable. This cool pirate costume design turns your pet into a humoristic caribbean pirate. Works for small dogs too

Cheshire Cat halloween makeup/costume .. great idea for the hair

This exclusive Plus Size Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume is the most tantalizing way to shake your kitty tail feathers around Wonderland. The purple and pink striped jersey dress has adjustable shoulder straps and a back zipper for a great fit. The neckline and hemline are edged with pink faux fur and the tail has an attached bow. The bodice of the dress has purple broadcloth front inset with pink ribbon lacing along the constructed foam bust. A matching jersey shrug and wristlets with pink faux fur are also included to give the dress added detail. The thigh high stockings with matching striped print have ribbon bows at the top and the fur covered headband with ears completes the look. Add a little flash with the included faux leather choker with faux gem studs. NOTE: This fabric is quite stretchy. You don't need to add 3 to 4 inches to your measurements. Also, the petticoat shown in the photo is sold separately so pick one up so you can have the full look that is pictured here.

The 16 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Cats

Feline frocks and cat costumes are typical Halloween wares for a reason. The is classic, the look is easily recognizable, and for those who desire a sultry, charismatic ensemble, one can turn a cat costume into a seductive outfit in a snap. However, the costume is rounding its centennial anniversary (seriously, that's how long people have been ), and if you ask me, needs a bit of a renaissance. After all, anyone can throw on a pair of plush ears and a tail and sashay down the street at the as a feline. But how does one go about revamping a costume that has been such a staple of the holiday for decades upon decades? Who says a cat costume has to be black and white? Try a Cheshire Cat-inspired look and go with colorful cosmetics and a striped costume. Simply add a wide, enigmatic smile, and you're ready for a night down the rabbit hole.Â
The minute details are what will give your classic cat costume a modern twist. That downy headband with cat ears and stapled-on tail are a good place to start making your cutbacks, and if you find yourself reaching for a bodysuit covered in faux fur, it's time to step away from the costume store and find a more avant-garde inspiration for your costume. Luckily, I'm here to help. Here are seven ideas to take your cat costume from basic to beautiful. For most of us, Halloween falls during a chilly time of the year. Come night time, the brisk October air can get a little nippy, too. For a costume that doubles as a source of warmth, try sporting a beanie with cat ears. Aside from keeping your head cozy, this accessory will help you look pretty darn cute.