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The is the company’s No. 1 item and is engineered with corrugated cardboard permeated with 100 percent pure . It is designed to ensure a cat’s health, keep its claws honed and be its own personal scratching place, not to be confused with furniture. The pad measures approximately 19 inches by 5 inches and fits in the company’s single or double tray, single or double Climb N Claw tray and its standard Wall Mount Scratcher.

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Every cat should own several scratching posts, of varying sizes, angles, and scratching surfaces. are essential to cats, for needed exercise, stress relief, and claw management, and will save wear and tear on furniture and carpeting, as well. With scratching posts, costs are not necessarily a factor, as the inexpensive corrugated cardboard pads are a favorite with cats.

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2pcs Dual-sided Cat Scratching Corrugated Board Scratcher Bed Pad Toy w/ Catnip well-wreapped Corrugated cardboard cat scratchers promote healthy scratching habits in cats; Features a honeycomb texture that entices cats to scratch the scratcher — and ...

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Cats need both horizontal scratchers and vertical scratching posts. While many cats seem to perfer one over the other, all cats do scratch on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Most cats prefer sisal or jute rope wrapped posts rather than carpeted posts. Most cats like the inexpensive flat corrugated cardboard scratchers. For cats who mostly prefer upright scratching, a scratching post with a wide, carpeted base can serve for both vertical and horizontal scratching. A favorite horizontal scratcher for most cats is a corrugated cardboard scratcher. They are sold in pet stores, department stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, and even in many grocery stores. makes great looking cat scratchers. The is an attractive combination scratcher and lounge that gets lots of high marks by reviewers. Unlike many cat scratchers that work well but don't look great in the house, this curvy piece is really sleek and modern looking and attractive enough (when not worn out) that you don't have to hide it away when guests visit. It is made of high-quality corrugated cardboard (second only to sisal as a cat-scratching surface) and should typically last about a year with normal use.
Catit makes several different cardboard designs including the shown above. You know cats love the curvy swoops to sleep on as well as scratch. This style, at 22 inches long, is suitable for larger cats. It features a corrugated scratching surface that's reversible and also comes with its own catnip.