Nov 1, 2016 - Really cool cat toys

I’ve seen a lot of cool cat toys, but this one is really unusual. It’s a pack of ten colorful, flexible plastic springs, each about two inches long. The idea is that the shape of the springs allows them to easily roll on the floor, or bounce around in unexpected ways much differently than balls or stuffed mice. The unpredictability of the springs’ movements attracts attention and captures interest for much longer periods of time than more traditional moving cat toys.

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Let’s use the science of behavior to create cat toys that encourage natural behaviors such as pouncing or stalking. Here’s how to create cool cat toys that give an outlet to those hunting trips that might otherwise result in bitten ankles.Cool cat toys don’t have to be expensive or difficult to make. With a little imagination they can be as simple as a few ping-pong balls in an empty bathtub to make an instant ice-hockey game. Play with your cat daily and remember that by providing an outlet for natural behaviors your ankles are much safer from attack.And don’t forget a cat’s other senses. To a cat, a rustle or crinkling sound could be a mouse in the undergrowth, and it’s guaranteed to get their interest. Test your cat with different textures and types of cool cat toys to see what captures her imagination.I must not be crafty enough either. Found these toys called CatTamboo that look pretty cool. I’m thinking of trying them out as an alternative to the usual stuff since I like fly fishing and they are similar.Looking for cool cat toys your cat will actually play with? Want something that won't break the cat toy budget? All these toys have been hand...Cool kitties deserve the coolest playthings, like these plush, handmade toys filled with nothing but the finest quality, organic catnip. Even better, each purchase gives a donation to the Cats R Cool program, which works to dispel negative stereotypes and improve the situation for shelter cats through public education, shelter outreach and grants.