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Fidos Flea Shampoo with a biodegradable insecticide carbaryl for controlling fleas, ticks, lice and mite infestations on dogs and cats. Fidos flea shampoo has an added bonus of a fresh and clean fragrance.

Dog fleas and cat fleas are common problems for pet owners. Drs. Foster & Smith offer advice on controlling fleas on both dogs and cats.

, is also contained in many flea prevention products (e.g. Zodiac Flea Proof Spray for Cats and Dogs, Frontline Plus, Troy IGR, Quick-Kill Eclipse, Fido's Flea Bomb Insecticidal Fogger) and has a similar mode of action against flea egg viability. If used in flea products targeted towards controlling fleas in the host's environment it will help to inhibit the environmental flea lifecycle by deactivating flea eggs. Please remember, however, that S-methoprene is sunlight sensitive and should be reapplied at least every 30 weeks (see instructions on labels to check how frequently to reapply).

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There are many different options for controlling & preventing fleas on cats. Learn more about how to control fleas without the potentially harmful chemicals. #5. have plenty of paper towel close by to wipe off the dead flea's/egg's from the comb after each comb through - it also lets you see what you have caught, and how bad your cats infestation is. Store bought Flea treatment's are not always effective, wear off, can be expensive and also not the greatest for your pet. The most effective way of controlling flea's is to REMOVE THEM AND THE EGGS immediately.

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In addition to the problems caused for cats, both fleas and ticks can attack humans. They are much more than a nuisance and should be approached aggressively.

Controlling these requires a two pronged approach:

Kill fleas and ticks that are already present— Check your cat frequently for fleas and ticks. If any are found, the first step is to use an insecticide to kill the fleas and ticks. There are a number of products that can rapidly kill fleas and ticks. They include insecticidal shampoos, topical sprays and systemic insecticides given orally. All are effective but they only kill the pests on your pet at the time they are treated or for very short time periods after treatment.

Make sure you ask your for a recommendation of a product to kill existing fleas and ticks. Be extremely certain to follow labeled instructions and never use a product on cats that is not labeled for cats.

Prevent future fleas and ticks— So now you have killed the fleas and ticks on your cat. The next step is to prevent re-infestation. This may require a change in your cat’s lifestyle. Cats that are are far less prone to being attacked by external parasites.

Also effective is the monthly use of a topical product that kills fleas and ticks. Most such products are effective; however, the insect must feed on your cat to die. A few topical products have repellent activity, so they actually keep the flea or tick from feeding. Some have a repellent activity against other insects including mosquitoes. This has the advantage of helping to protect from .

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Bathing your cat with ordinary cat shampoo (not medicated) can be an effective way of controlling fleas particularly if the bath lasts for a few minutes and is long enough to drown the fleas. It helps to have a helper looking out for fleas which will crawl to the cat's head. If your cat has short hair it might be possible to use a flea comb. I've not found them to be much good but maybe to get fleas off a cat's head they would work.The first and simplest step to preventing and controlling fleas on your cat is to keep your cat on his or her flea and tick preventative medicine every month throughout the year—not just during the warmer months. Our northern Virginia climate can be fickle and fleas can be out and about at anytime. Stop by to see our to get the flea and tick medication that is right for our pet. The correct dosage is important and it is based on your pet’s weight (so if your cat has lost or gained weight, we need to check) and also your pet’s situation. In addition, these medications differ between cats and dogs, so it is very important never to use a flea medication that was designed for dogs on your cat. In any case, these medications can kill both the eggs and the adults to give fleas a one-two sucker punch and keep them from getting a hold of your cat and your life. If you have any questions at all about these medications or the dosage, please !