helps making cleaning the litter box easy to clean a messy job

I truly wish someone could come up with a compostable bag that felt a bit stronger and a bit bigger, i would totally buy those for cat litter. I sometimes use the compostable doggie scoop bags for litter, out of guilt, but their opening really is way too small to work.

Biodegradable bags for pet waste and cat litter disposal - Anti Icky Poo

Categories, dude. Make the most of the bags you have! Minimize trash in the first place, then get creative. There are so many substitutions available in the typical household since, unfortunately, so many products we buy come in plastic packaging. In our house we use the liners from cereal boxes and the plastic bags from processed snacks like chips to clean the litter box, and save bread bags, used zip-locks, and anything similarly non-porous for walking the dog. I've also used the plastic wrapping from toilet paper packages for dog-walking- folded and strategically near outdoor dumpsters and trash cans. I recognize it's a little extreme but we're that concerned about the environmental issues. I'm not saying it'll work for everyone- or that I believe my partner actually follows this system when I'm not around- but it might help some folks in a pinch! If we ever get more consistent access to sustainably packaged food, we'll prob spring for some compostable dog walking bags but we've never run out.

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Jun 11, 2008 - We've talked about green cat litter here, but we haven't spent much time .. Made in the U.S.A., this thick bag is green in color as well as concept: Composed of renewable resources such as corn, the product meets ASTM D6400 specifications for biodegradability and compostability, and is compostable by California standards. Also, it’s packaged in recyclable cardboard. The company’s website states that “PoopBags is committed to supporting the U.S. economy and reducing our carbon pawprints through shorter transportation time and renewable resources.

These bags are made by Zeomatrix, a small company in Maine

I googled for compostable bags to use with my cat litter instead of having to use plastic bags and anti icky poo came up with a great product and price!

This is my second time ordering these bags from them.

What's so great about these litter bags, you ask