This cat litter is extremely lightweight

Coconut holds 560 percent of its weight in liquid and is able to absorb cat urine better than any current litter on the market. Pet parents only need to scoop out solids.

Made exclusively from coconut, new CatSpot Litter is 100% organic and super lightweight.

Coconut holds 560% of its weight in liquid making it the most absorbent plant known to man. The absorbent nature is what makes so effective as a cat litter.

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CatSpot, a new type of cat litter, is made from coconut and is biodegradable. 168. Fire starter. Love camping and cooking out, but don’t enjoy trying to get your fire started? If you struggle to get your kindling lit, one easy trick is to soak cotton balls or cotton swabs in coconut oil and bring them with you in a plastic bag. Place the coconut oil swab or ball in your kindling and set light to it. It will burn quite well for at least several minutes, which hopefully will be enough to get the rest of your kindling to catch.

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"What we have done is designed a proprietary process that we are taking a bi-product of coconut," said Jeff Limbaugh, president of Midwest Organics. "We are running it through our process, and it makes a wonderful kitty litter that actually absorbs the cat urine and keeps your litter box from stinking.

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(a) Field of the Invention This invention relates to the coir pith cat litter and more particularly, but not by way of limitation, to a method of making powder, granules and pellets of coconut coir pith cat litter from residual powder created from crushing coconut husks.In view of the foregoing, it is a primary objective of the subject invention to provide a method of making powder, granules and pellets of coconut coir pith cat litter, which is nontoxic, lightweight and creates very little dust when compared to other cat litter products. Also, the new cat litter is more effective when compared to other cat litter products, such as clay granules.None of the above mentioned prior art patents specifically disclose the unique features, structure and method of making coconut coir pith cat litter from powder created from crushed coconut shells.In a method of making coconut coir pith cat litter pellets from powdered coir pith, the first step includes crushing coconut husks and mixing the residual powdered coconut coir pith with water. The coir pith and water mixture is then compressed through a cylindrical or square die having a plurality of ⅛th inch diameter round or square holes therein. The die with round or square holes creates elongated spaghetti like strings of coir pith. The strings of coir pith are then cut to a length of ½ inches or less for creating pellets or cubes. The coir pith pellets or cubes are then conveyed through an oven for removing moisture and hardening them. The harden pellets or cubes are then cooled and packaged in plastic or paper bags for shipment to wholesale and retail customers.