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I took my cats to the vet several times to the extent that of allergy injections that took the life of one.! I keep insisting they did not have fleas they never touch the ground. But I always cleaned their ears before their apppointment the stuff on the Q tip was dark and always came back! The vet told me that cats eat 90% of the fleas on them and the dark stuff is flea feces .I wish I had known that info before all the meds and injection I might still have my Baby Blue. Now I wet the white sink and shake something that they lay on if anything turns red it is flea poop!

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One more thing I've noticed is that after I applied Revolution, my cats have stop scratching their ears and shaking heads, except when I applied the cleaning solution, but I guess that's because they want to take off the liquid inside.

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Feb 18, 2008 - I just cleaned the ears of all of my 4 cats, so they really hate me right now Hey! I have a 4 months old tabby cat , we got her from a pet store when she was 2 months old , my husband and me noticed she has a little bit of black dots in her ears we noticed she was scratching her ear with her feet frecuently I thought it was just ear wax it didn't seem she got more than she already had after 2 motnhs later .I bought "Sentry Earmite Free Ear Miticide for Cats" from the pet store i been trying to put some in the ear since four days ago twice a day it's pretty hard thoguh it seems she get more in her fur, tonight we just cleaned her ears with a Q-tip dipped in ear miticide and cleaned up some blood now her ears looks clean i wonder if what we are doing is correct and good for my kitten and also if this sounds like ear mites or something else . thank you beforehand i appreciate your help since right now i can't take her to the vet

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My cats get ear mites, and I have to take them to the vet on occasion for them to clean their ears. My cats will NOT let me get near them. I think the first time I put drops in their ears they became traumatized. Seriously. My Ethel will will claw, scream and hiss, even bite. It is like they go insane. No matter how gentle I am with the drops.

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