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To see whether litter type or cleanliness have a hand in your cat’s pooping (or peeing) problems, clean the litter boxes twice a day and set up a litter-box lineup for a week or two. In this choice test for litter lavatories, place three or more temporary boxes side by side with only one thing varying between boxes. For instance you may be comparing scented vs unscented, Brand A vs Brand B, large box vs small box, and so on.

After you order CAT LITTER BOX cleaning service from POOP 911 here's what you can expect:

We all know cats love to keep themselves clean. Cats are also fond of keeping their surroundings tidy, but the preference for a pristine habitat isn’t just due to their desire for cleanliness. Cats cover their poop because they are hard-wired to do so. This behavior is part of their — to protect themselves from predators and to mark their territory — not just the desire to be clean.

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After you order CAT LITTER BOX cleaning service from POOP 911 here's what you can expect: I haven't had this specific problem (poop smeared onto things), but I have several cats who have had mishaps. I picked up some enzymatic cleaner, which breaks down the organic stuff. We got ours from Petsmart (I think it is their brand - Petzyme). Best of luck. I hope your little one stops doing this soon!

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I adopted two kittens in oct so they are 6 months now . One is immaculate with the litter box the other will pee in the litter box and only occasionally poo ( kind of seems like only when she feels like it) we have 4 litter boxes. All very clean, we use worlds best since it’s soft on their feet. We often found her pooping in the bath tub , and on tiled floors . I’m starting to think she likes the cold and prefers to poo there . Even if I catch her in the act or trying to I put her in the litter box she will scratch then jump out and find a different location . She often poos beside the box . We even have two boxes downstairs and she poo in between them. I thought maybe it had to do with privacy since he likes pooping in the basement do you think a coveted box would help ? Should I have a box with just a piece of tiled floor ? I’m really running out of ideas here and would really like some advice thank you

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Your cat or kitten may have missed the litter box and pooped on the carpet. Now someone, (probably you) has to clean up the poop. You want to avoid stains and odor and you don't have time to go out and buy specialty cleaning products. Below are instructions for cleaning up the cat poop using stuff you probably have around the house. Clean cat poop off your couch cushion immediately to prevent any permanent stain and an unpleasant odor. Remember not to rebuke your feline for the accident; even the most trained cats occasionally falter.