Your Ultimate Guide to Removing Cat Dander From Home

Since you don’t need an air purifier to get rid of microscopic dander, you don’t need to pay a higher price for a device that has a True HEPA filter. Instead, you can go for a product that has a HEPA-type filter, which is a great air purifier for dog hair, cat hair, etc.

A HEPA-type filter can trap particles as small as 2-4 microns in size, which is plenty good enough to capture pet hair and fur. If you want a cleaner home that’s free of hair, then this is your best bet while saving the most money.

Watch our video to find out how you can remove cat dander using Allersearch cleaning products.

The O-Ion B-1000 offers ionized air purification that's second to none. The negative ions it generates help to remove airborne pollutants such as allergens, pollen, dust, mold, smoke, and pet dander – all the way down to a size of 0.01 microns. The purifier's attractive design is augmented by its whisper-quiet operation as it silently draws in air and cleans it.

Carbon filter technology features ozone power to reduce odors and absorb pollutants to a level of 0.05 ppm. O-ion's B-1000 uses powerful ionization technology to clean and sanitize the air in your home or office, making it a fantastic purifier for pet owners and anybody who wants to breathe fresh air.

Certified Cleaning to Reduce Pet Dander and Allergies

Cleaning cat dander out of carpet can help eliminate bothersome allergies. Dander is flakes of dead skin that fall off the animal's... Don't forget to clean the original source of the dander as well: Giving your pet a regular bath will help control the amount it's carrying around on its skin and fur, just waiting to shed and become airborne. To this end, there are many anti-dander shampoo options on the market for dogs and cats. Typically, these products contain ingredients like sulfur and salicyclic acid to help slough off dead skin cells, but there are also some eco-friendly shampoo formulas that are plant-based and biodegradable.

How to Remove Dander if Allergic to Cats - Pets

All sorts of allergy triggers can be ,including dander, urine and dust from the litter. If your cat will let you, puthis litterbox in your basement or garage — and while you're at it, ask someone who is not allergic toclean the litterbox, so you don't have to breathe in those allergens. If that's not possible, wear a mask and wash your hands after you clean it.

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