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I've long thought of taking my cats to a "cats only" clinic, but there wasn't one close enough to my home for it to be feasible; that problem is no more! The staff at City Cat are very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, and great listeners. Honestly, I can't recommend City Cat highly enough- I am so glad that I found them!!! P.S. (The fact that they do housecalls is icing on the cake, as there have been times that I wished for this service.)

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Officials are pushing a change in the L.A. city code to encourage Angelenos to adopt more cats and help reduce the number of animals being euthanized Above, a stray cat in Venice in 2012. (Patrick T. Fallon / For The Times)

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Cats and the city: 'Kedi' investigates the feline lives of Istanbul - LA Times Leash laws in Oklahoma City require that dogs and puppies be on a leash or otherwise confined at all times. There is not a leash law for cats, however the owners of roaming cats may be cited for allowing their animals to trespass. Residents may borrow humane traps from the Shelter to capture nuisance animals for impoundment.

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I have two cats that have been boarded at Cats in the City several times. One of my kitties has kidney disease and is on medication and requires subcutaneous fluid on a daily basis. Shawn has been fantastic with her and I truly believe that she has made such good improvement due to his care. My vet has even been by to do check ups and Shawn has facilitated appointments and worked with them to provide care.

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theorizes a connection between women and cats in these cities, and larger cities in general — the foremost factor of this relationship being that cats are an ideal city pet. They are largely indoor creatures who don't need constant attention or exercise. They're fully capable of entertaining themselves, and sometimes even prefer it that way. Combine this with the fact that there are , and you have the perfect recipe for cat lady central.Rabies vaccinations are required for all dogs, cats and ferrets. They must be administered under the supervision of a veterinarian licensed to practice in the State of Oklahoma. City ordinance states that your dog or cat must be wearing its rabies tag at all times!The story is about a from named Chester who gets caught on a commuter train heading for New York. After stumbling on the subway, Chester ends up in . Mario Bellini, who helps his parents run a financially struggling newsstand, finds Chester and takes him to the newsstand, as he wants to keep the cricket as a pet and for good luck. Mama Bellini is concerned that the cricket will give the family germs, but Papa Bellini is more easy-going about the cricket's presence. At the newsstand, Chester meets Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat, who spend their time scrounging the city for food and other thrown-away items. They show him Times Square, which Chester finds overwhelming. During the story, Chester reveals his musical chirping talent. Mario takes Chester to Chinatown (via the 1 train), where he buys Chester a cricket cage from the Chinatown shop owner Sai Fong.The CAT services commenced in 1996 with 16 diesel-hydraulic engine powered, - Silkeborg MidCity Series II 0860S low-floor, wheelchair accessible city buses. These were replaced in August 2005 by 25 bodied that are fuelled by and 16 bodied . In addition to the designated fleet, other liveried buses can sometimes be used. In 2016, a new fleet of 32 Volgren bodied will be introduced.