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Cat toilet training has been gaining in popularity thanks to CitiKitty who introduced the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit in 2005 but once a cat uses the toilet who is responsible for flushing? Until now cat owners would do a courtesy flush for their cats after fluffy used the john. The solution works but poses a problem when cat owners travel or guests are over. Now the CitiKitty Automatic Toilet Flusher will do the job for you.

CitiKitty's in the House -- Time to Toilet Train My Cat, Holly Tse, Jan. 21, 2010

Every kitty is certainly unique. Some cats will take to toilet training very quickly without much instruction or direction from their owners while others need extra guidance and attention to get through the training process. We compare it to toilet training a toddler. Some children are very quick about learning to use the potty; while others may struggle a bit, especially at the beginning of the process. But eventually, they all learn the proper behavior. Some customers have trained their cats in as little as a few weeks, and others have shared that it took a bit longer than "normal". But those who stick with it and successfully train their cats are so much happier without the nasty litter box around. Patience and persistence truly are your most powerful training tools!Prior to introducing the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit to your kitty, we often recommend that owners start moving the litter box toward the bathroom and next to the toilet in preparation for training, and if your kitty is not bothered by these changes to his/her bathroom space, he/she will probably do well with potty training. If your kitty is skittish and not very out-going, he/she may need extra time on each stage of the training process and lots of positive encouragement from you.

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Sierra's 2nd month on the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit. Success!!! The CitiKitty cat toilet training kit is designed so that you remove thin concentric rings as your cat progresses. While it’s tempting to want to rush through things when toilet training a cat, patience is your best ally for success. Only remove a ring when your cat has mastered the current step with no accidents for at least a week. If your cat needs to move at an even slower pace, you can remove a quarter to a half ring instead of the full ring. If your cat has an accident, you can also go back a step in the process.

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The CitiKitty toilet training kit includes a round plastic tray that fits inside almost any toilet seat. You start out with a bit of litter in the tray and then as your cat gets used to it, you pop out a small hole in the middle. When your cat gets comfortable with the hole, you remove another ring so that the hole gets bigger. Eventually, the hole is the size of the toilet opening, and presto! That’s when your cat is using the toilet.

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