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The feline guests at our cat hotel have a wide variety of options for amusement. The top two floors of the cat hotel have windows for viewing entertaining DVDs or television programs. In our cat boarding facility in Chicago, we also have an area dedicated to playtime. This area has plenty of space for your pets to roam and to play with toys and ropes. The play area also has an up-close view of a goldfish tank.

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While your best friend is staying in our pet hotels, we provide many activities to ensure they are not only comfortable but entertained and happy. Our Chicago area facility is located on the border of Glacier National Park which provides ample outdoor activities for your pet to take part in while boarding with us. Your pet can enjoy training, playtime, nature walks and more while you are away.

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Alden's Kennels offers the best cat boarding in the Chicago, Illinois area. If medication or any supplement will need to be administered during your pet’s stay, all medications/supplements must be provided in the original labeled container with the number of remaining pills being left. Please make sure you have enough +1 days extra for your pets stay, in-case of flight delays etc. At this time we do not administer any injectable medication and suggest you refer to your vet for boarding accomodations. Pills, creams, lotions, liquids that may be administered safely & without jepordizing the safety of staff & your pet can be handled at Meeow Chicago.

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Animal Hospital of Chicago is expanding their feline boarding offerings to include medical boarding! We are happy to accommodate cats for boarding that require on-going medical care for chronic diseases/illnesses*. This includes daily administration of subcutaneous fluid therapy and insulin injections if necessary.

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When it’s impossible to bring your dog, cat, small animal on vacation with you, VIP’s pet boarding is the best option for you. Your pets can enjoy a wonderful vacation of their very own with extra love and one-on-one attention from our expert and trained staff at VIP’S Pet Hotels Chicago. You can choose VIP’s for dog, cat, small animal for boarding and daycare.Your cat or kitten has never been more spoiled than when receiving care from our Chicago, Illinois cat sitter. Our cat and kitten boarding service is the best in the state, and even in areas surrounding Illinois. The cat boarding house or "Cat Condos" as we like to call them are spacious and friendly. Further our cat sitter gives each kitten or cat the time that they need for exercise and play.With their busy work and school schedules, many pet owners are concerned about what they should do with their cats during the day. Several owners are worried about leaving their feline alone at their home, for fear of something happening to their pet. Fortunately, there are places like Alden’s Kennels cat boarding in Chicago. Our Illinois cat hotel staff strives to ensure that our feline guests are not only safe but also very pampered. At our cat boarding facility in Chicago, the care and treatment of your pet is our number one priority.One important aspect of our cat boarding is the care that we can offer to a kitten. The cat sitter is careful to ensure that your kitten has a pleasant experience in our cat boarding house. You simply won't find better care for your cat or kitten in the Chicago, Illinois area.