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Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is up to his usual Gordon Ramsay shenanigans in , talking shit on fellow chefs and his estranged father-in-law. In the wide-ranging interview — in which Ramsay says gross revenues from his new Las Vegas restaurants are $55 million — the chef manages to talk some shit on Bobby Flay, Frank Bruni, Cat Cora, his father-in-law Chris Hutcheson, and Marco Pierre White. Here now, a look at the latest shit that Ramsay's been talking — and perhaps :

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In Fall 2015, Princess Cruises welcomed celebrity chefs Cat Cora and Suzanne Tracht aboard a California Coastal cruise to celebrate the culinary experience.

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With all the tips and tricks Chefs Dean and Cat shared, everyone was ready to host and wow their family and friends this Derby season! In June 2010, Cat joined First Lady Michelle Obama as part of her Chefs Move to Schools program, which challenges chefs from around the country to help solve the epidemic of childhood obesity by providing nutritional guidance and education to create healthy meals. Cat is currently working on adopting an elementary school near her home in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Look out sous chefs of the world. You have competition from a cat. Kohaku is the real star of a series of videos called Jun’s Kitchen in which Jun Yoshizuki and his cat teach you how to prepare some delicious Japanese dishes from start to finish. Most of the episodes begin with Jun and Haku taking a bike ride together to the store, with Haku enjoying the roadside scenery from a basket.

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Not all heroes wear capes. And in fact, not all chefs have a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, or even opposable thumbs. Meet the that's better at life than you, from his cosplay (catplay?) outfits down to his impeccable table manners, reports .In 2004, Cat took her advocacy role to the next level by founding Chefs for Humanity in response to the epic Asian Tsunami disaster. Inspired by Doctors Without Borders, Chefs for Humanity was created as a way to bring the culinary community together in an effort to raise awareness and provide resources for educational, emergency and hunger-related causes.