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When comparing affordable cat foods, IAMS Proactive Health represents one of the best cheap cat foods available. Although IAMS features chicken byproduct meal as the first listed ingredient, which is not ideal, it also contains real chicken further down the ingredient list.

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Cat chow and Meow mix kill over the years instead of just days, but they kill more cats. Iams and Blue Buffalo are no better, or barely any better, for cats. Cats are true carnivores and are not made to process all those carbs that are in dry food. Since dry food was created, the leading cause of death in cats is kidney disease and pretty high up there is diabetes. These are dry food diseases. Even the cheapest nastiest canned fods are better than the best dry food for a cat.
BTW, Iams and BB are on a recall list, not a current one.

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The best cheap cat foods contain a good balance and mix of inputs, but typically less real meat and more fillers and additives than show up in the priciest cat food. Raw food enthusiasts rave about Stella & Chewy's, a freeze-dried product made of ground meat or fish and no hormones or antibiotics, grains or fillers, artificial preservatives or coloring -- but a 12-ounce bag of chicken dinner will set you back at least $20. In between the familiar cheap cat food brands -- Friskies, Meow Mix, Purina, 9Lives -- that line supermarket shelves and the upper tier cat food brands are others such as Iams, Hill's, Eukanuba, and Wellness.my cats eat a mixture of iams and purina one. and fancy feast canned. none of them have the health issues u have said. most iams food does contain chicken as the first ingrident and so does purina one. so it one better cheap foods.A higher-end dry cat food, Hill's Science Diet (starting at $22/7 pounds), is the brand of choice among the people we polled but doesn't make our list because it's not cheap. Respondents told us this kibble brand is vet recommended, particularly for cats with health problems. Cat owners who posted dry cat food reviews at Petco add that Hill's Science Diet seems to keep their cats healthy and happy. Another mid-price brand that popped up in our poll is Iams (starting at $13/6.8 lbs).Cheap Iams Cat Food @ Publix starting 7/20 or 7/21. In the New Publix Weekly Ad valid 7-21 to 7-27-16 (7/20-7/26 for some) Iams Premium Cat Food, Assorted Varieties, 3.5-lb bag, is on sale BOGO @ $6.99. We have a NEW to go with this sale. Hurry and print this coupon now folks! When we buy (2) and Use (2) $2.50/1 MFR Coupons we get them for only Hope you enjoy this Cheap Iams Cat Food deal. Happy Shopping!