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it would depend on the size and resources in the home, I would certainly not recommend a small unit and restrict my cats freedom. I wouldnt deprive my cat of fresh air, natural garden soil, plants and many other outdoor things cats enjoy. Wildlife cna be protected by putting a petsafe detatchable collar with a bell on your cat( most collars are not safe and dangerous, esp the cheap ones made in china)

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Cat collars, on the cheap! Use plain elastic! Tie it. The beauty of a piece of elastic is that it won't choke a cat and works as an expandable "breakway" collar. Another cheap collar: Cut off the ribbed tops of old socks. Make five collars per sock. Nice and soft! This should also be listed under "what to do with old socks!"

By Mary from Kensington, MD

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As far as cats are concerned trackers are all pretty useless and uncomfortable for the cat. Which is ironic since if anything is going to go missing it's a cat not a dog. (not sure what it is so hard about keeping a dog contained?) Even the smallest trackers are quite large and sit around the neck. Cats love to spend hours licking especially their chest area which they can't do because of the huge tracking device hanging around their neck. Furthermore most trackers do not work on 3G. 2G is disconnected where I live. Watch out for the really cheap ones. They use Bluetooth which is next to useless even in the most ideal scenario. Battery life is another topic they all conveniently ignore. It's terrible. After wasting a lot of time and money I gave up. My solution is a good comfortable collar with your cell number inscribed offering a reward of $100 if the cat is found. The bottom line with cats. Nothing is guaranteed.

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