The cedar litter we use does not contain any dust, unlike clay litter

Try a different litter. The House Rabbit Society suggests one of the many organic paper litters available. Sometimes the strong scent of litter will keep bunny out of the box. Avoid pine and cedar shavings and clay cat litters. Also, try a good amount of fresh hay in the box. This will usually entice your rabbit to get into the box. You can also put a few of his droppings in the box.

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To aid in the shelter's recovery process, UltraPET has donated a pallet of Cedar Fresh cat litter For about 20 years this is the only litter my three cats (one's now in heaven) have used. My youngest cat was used to clay litters when we adopted her, and so I tried a clay litter when we brought her home. What a mistake, for me. I have asthma and the clay was not only too heavy to lift, it made me cough due to the inherent dust. I like the Cedarific as it smells really good and is lightweight. It's easy to scoop and what's really neat is that it is biodegradable ... which means that I can flush the "doodles" without harming the environment. It does track, so you'll need to vacuum fairly regularly if you have rugs. After a couple of days, I top off the litter boxes (2 boxes for 2 cats) with another light layer of the Cedarific, to help absorb the urine and freshen the boxes in terms of smell. I change out the litter completely every 6 to 7 days and this works for all of us, humans and cats. The one and only animal supply shop that carried this brand was about 30 miles from me, round trip. But that store closed a few years ago and the litter is not available anywhere at all in my area, so ... God bless you guys and gals at PetFoodDirect for carrying this litter and making it easy to order. And, Please Don't Ever Stop Carrying this Litter! Many thanks.

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Cat litter is an absolute must if you have indoor cats. What many people don’t know is that most cat litter brands contain clay that is strip-mined which is harmful to the environment. While there are brands that are organic and a bit more environmentally friendly, these can be a tad expensive. If you want a safer alternative to kitty litter and you want it a bit cheaper than major organic brands, we have just the kitty litter recipe for you.You will need to buy about 50 pounds of chicken scratch. You can get this at any feed store and it costs around $20 for the 50 pounds. You also need baking soda and you can use cedar shavings but these are optional. The shavings are for scent so you don’t actually have to have them.You just need to pour enough chicken scratch into your litter box to cover about 2 inches. Next, cover the chicken scratch with about ¼ cup of baking soda and if you have chosen to use cedar shavings, crumble just a couple of handfuls on top and mix the ingredients together.This is scoopable litter so you can use your scoop to clean it out every day and keep it fresh. Just replace as you normally would.

Do they clump like my Cedar Fresh Step does?