This cat gets to dress up as Santa with its funny cat costume

Their owner, a Seattleite who goes by Freyu, began costuming his cats six years ago, for a Renaissance fair. He found a dog-size pirate costume at a pet store and put it on his cat, who liked to ride around on his shoulder. People loved it, running up to the cat, petting it and asking for photos. But Freyu, with a background in costuming and theater, was underwhelmed by the costume.

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Does your cat have a clue that Halloween is coming up? Probably not. Should that stop you from getting them ready for one of the most fun holidays of the year? No way! There are tons and tons of costume ideas for cats and we’re going to do our best to give you some great ideas for not only cat costumes but other Halloween themed things you can do with your feline. But we thought a great way to start things off would be to head over to the cute side of cat costumes.

28 Halloween Costumes For Cats That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Cats with funny costumes #cats #cutecats #animals click here for more Cat-Costumes Finally, put on the cat’s costume. Tease with the feather toy to lure the cat to stand and follow. That shows the cat she’s NOT paralyzed and can move while wearing it.

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After a couple of days, place the costume over the cat’s back for ten seconds, while perhaps playing with a feather toy or feeding a special treat. That associates the presence of the costume with BONUS fun for the cat. Repeat several times. Use different parts of the costume if it’s complicated, so the cat learns all of it is safe.

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Accustomed with a set of huge bunny ears and a super cute bunny tail this plush costume was originally designed by Mkono as a winter clothing item for dogs and cats, but it can be used as the purr-fect Halloween outfit for your feline creature this year!Pet Krewe offers an adorable and funny lion mane for cats of all breeds and sizes. The lion mane is super easy to attach to your feline furball and it comes with a gorgeous set of ears stitched among the furry mane. This particular costume piece is ideal for cats of sandy, chocolate-y, creamy and tabby color schemes as they will blend in perfectly with the hairy lion mane.Bolbove’s wedding tuxedo costume is available in various sizes. The smallest one will fit any cat with a chest girth of around 10’’, whereas the biggest size is specially designed for cats of the largest breeds like or .We can't stop laughing at these amazing DIY costumes for cats. The best part about them is that you can make them at home with just a few cheap supplies.