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Even when your male cat is litter box trained, he's likely to spray other areas of your home occasionally. Tomcats are hardwired to stake out their territory, protect it from other males and to find as many girlfriends as possible. If they ever catch a whiff of another cat, which could happen just by you opening your door and letting the scent of a neighbor's kitty waft in, your male is likely to begin marking what is his. Cat urine smell is difficult to get rid of, but pet stores carry many products designed specifically to counteract the smell, or you could scrub the area with baking soda and dishwashing liquid followed by some white vinegar.

Clean urine stains thoroughly. The smell can trigger additional spraying responses in cats.

Six out of ten studies collected data on urine spraying after initial treatment. Duration of the follow up period varied between 3 days and five months . Two studies evaluated pheromone use and reported no statistical evidence of a relapse rate, four weeks after withdrawal of the 4 week-treatment , . The remaining four studies all evaluated pharmacotherapy use. Dehasse evaluated the use of clomipramine and reported no evidence of relapse after a period of 3 days after 7 days treatment. After fluoxetine withdrawal for either 4 or 8 weeks there was an increase in spraying rate in comparison to the treatment phase for some cats, with others returning to baseline levels. A more typical follow up period of 5 months was reported by Landsberg and Wilson . They noted that after four week's of clomipramine treatment that only one quarter of the cats did not require medication to control the spraying.

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Hi. And welcome once again to Cat Spraying No More. This time we will see How To Identify and Stop Cats From Spraying Urine In The House. Feliway creates a reassuring environment calming your cat and stopping such problems as scratching, excessive grooming, urine spraying, restoring your cats health and happiness.

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1994: Life’s Great Products, introduces Dumb Cat Anti-Marking and Cat Spray Remover to local pet stores. Pet owners find that cats that stopped using the litter box returned after treating areas with the product. Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover arrives and Poop-Off Superior for dogs. The only products in the cleanup category proven under a microscope to remove urine and safely dissolve bird droppings.

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Cat spraying and urine marking are social, sexual and territorial behaviors. It's also how cats express extreme emotions such as frustration. Your cat is trying to tell you sometime. The primary cause of the spraying is your cat's insecurity in his territory. One of the most common frustrations for cat owners, especially in multi-cat households, is inappropriate urination by their cat or cats. Urine spraying is one such frustration.