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At Cat’s Pride, they really are changing litter for good. They have been making premium kitty litter and looking out for the health and well-being of cats for over 70 years. Cat's Pride has only one goal: to make cats and their humans happy. Now that’s really something to purr about!

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light TV Spot, 'Ultimate Litter' Feat. Katherine Heigl

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care leaves all other litters in the dust. Our lightweight, no-filler litter means less tracking and clean up for you and kitty.

Are Cat’s Pride products safe to use with my other pets?

CEO, Dan Jaffee talks everything Cat’s Pride on the Talkin’ Pets radio show. As mentioned above, when you have been in the litter game as long as Cat’s Pride, you have a good understanding of what it takes to stand out from the competition. Very few of their competitors can say that they have been around as long, and this definitely gives Cat’s Pride a strategic advantage. They have learned strategic advantages and manufacturing secrets that you only learn over time, and they have also been able to chase down the best clay for this litter. You can rest assured knowing that any product you purchase from them is going to have those decades of experience ingrained into it.

Why does American Humane Association recommend Cat’s Pride?

1. Fill litter box to a depth of at least 3 inches. 2. Remove clumps daily and dispose in trash. 3. Refill as needed to maintain 3-inch depth. 4. For optimal hygiene, completely change the litter at least once a month and clean the litter box with soap and water. 5. Cat's Pride(R) Fresh & Light(TM) is not a flushable product. Please do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains.

Are Cat’s Pride products safe to use with my other pets?

Oil-Dri is the largest manufacturer of quality cat litters in the world. Cat's Pride® cat litters offer innovative solutions to litter box problems, help address specific consumer needs and provide a clean and safe environment for healthy cats. Cat's Pride cat litters are the only cat care products to carry the recommendation and endorsement of the American Humane Association, the number one umbrella organization for animal care in the United States. Cat's Pride litter is stocked in stores across America.
To find a store near you, choose a product, enter your ZIP code and we'll return the nearest stores where you can purchase Cat's Pride products.For over 50 years, Cat’s Pride has been Changing Litter for Good, keeping cats and their families happy with a broad range of high-performing, innovative litters and liners.Just like our litters, Cat’s Pride and Jonny Cat accessories are designed to make your life a whole lot easier. Easy handling. Easy cleanup. Easy to love. It’s enough to make you and your cat purr just thinking about it.