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Long-haired cat breeds show off luxurious coats of long locks. The fur on the bottoms of many of these cats’ paws sprouts forth in tufts between the pads. Maine coons and Norwegian forest cats in particular have a propensity for these tufts. This breed characteristic enables these cats to traverse the snowy grounds that are typical to the regions from which they originated. Think of your Maine coon’s furry paws as her own built in set of snowshoes.

Cat's Paw on Clinch shoes. (made in japan, brass Tokyo, leather, hand made, craftsmanship)

In a time when people kept good shoes for a long time, Cat’s Paw was part of a number of shoe sole or shoe heel brands that included Vibram, Biltrite, Holtite, Panco and O’Sullivan.

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CAT'S PAW Men's Cowboy Buckaroo Western Boots Leather Shoes Vintage Brown 7.5EE I recall, as a child, both I and the many other neighborhood children enjoyed playing a game called "Hopscotch", which was mostly a game played by the little girls. In the game, one used what was called a "potsy" which was thrown and landed on some chalk drawn numbered grid, drawn on the sidewalk. Most often, the "potsy" would be a discarded rubber heel, coming from the repair of men's shoes. Mr. Sikora would delight us neighborhood kids by discarding the old rubber heels removed from shoe repairs, and keeping them in a bucket (saving them) for us. I can recall going into Mr. Sikora's shop and asking for "any rubber heels today?" Usually, I would be rewarded with a few of them, naturally of the "CAT'S PAW" variety. That would be a highlight of the day, receiving a few discards!

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It is also part of our culture. Folks even claim it was Cat’s Paw that identified the bluchers worn by Amelia Earhart, as a pair of shoes found on the island Nikomaroro could be identified by the Cat’s Paw soles, or so . And it appears as a clue in murder investigations, including the Waterbury, Conn. murder in 1974.

LolitaDesigns: Lolita Shoes with ☆Cat's Paw Heels☆ and ☆Cat's Tails.

In those days gone by, most shoe repair stores carried a big logo advertisement of a black cat with green eyes, viewed as a profile, holding up one paw. The cat advertised the brand of rubber soles, "CAT'S PAW", which would be the mostly likely brand used in the repair of soles and heels for shoes. The "Cat's Paw" logo was almost the equivalent of the barber pole, which marked the site of what was then a "man's haven."We have to say, shoes are much better (and less slippery) when they have Cat’s Paw soles. We will be checking our local shoe repair shop and demanding Cat’s Paw next time our Weejuns are weary.The Cat’s Paw Rubber Company is now owned by the Biltrite Corporation of Waltham, Massachusetts. On January 30, 1992 the recovered shoe parts were sent to Biltrite where they were examined by experts at both the Waltham facility and the company’s factory in Ripley, Michigan. Photos of Earhart wearing the shoes she was wearing on the Lae/Howland flight were also examined by Biltrite.