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The harness will make so much easier. Since some felines are less trainable than the canines, they are mostly never thrilled at the first sight of a leash. Some never even get used to being walked on leashes. There are affordable nylon harnesses in the market, and there are deluxe models that seem like padded vests. The nylon is a practical option as it is sturdy yet flexible. The harness should also be able to wrap around the cat’s torso, particularly around the stomach area, to prevent him from wiggling out. But regardless what type you buy, just make sure that it is adjustable for your pet’s comfort.

The additional "drag" of a bulky leash will slow your cat's walking progress.

Featuring an attached bungee leash, the Come with Me Kitty harness applies even and gentle pressure to a cat's shoulders rather than tightening or applying pressure to the throat or neck. This type of harness feels like a comfortable hug along the cat's body instead of creating the choking sensation commonly associated with collars and leashes. This makes training even the most stubborn cats less traumatic for the animal and the human.
Created from durable nylon in trendy color combinations like dusty rose, brilliant blue, and electric lime, the includes a sternum slide to ensure a perfect fit and two D-rings at the shoulders to allow for even weight distribution. Even the wiggliest felines cannot escape the harness easily. The harness also adjusts in the girth and length for different size cats. Patient training is an essential part of the process.

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Cats on leashes are my second favorite thing...next to cats wearing glasses I procured a cat leash and harness — featuring a loop to go over the head and two buckles that fasten behind the front legs — from a friend, who had attempted, unsuccessfully, to walk her own cats. Hoping to have a better go of it, I strapped my 7-year-old tabby, Jameson, in and headed out on a recent sunny Saturday.

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KENAI, Alaska -- Cats will need leashes just like dogs if a proposal before the Kenai council wins approval. Kenai Mayor Pat Porter and council member Tim Navarre have proposed a cat leash law after complaints from residents about roaming felines.

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Cat Care Tips... How to train you cat to walk on a leash. Wish I would have know this way earlier. I think my cats have already learned to hate the leash.I taught my Cynder to walk on a leash and ride in my car with a seatbelt harness. This is one of my favorite pictures of her adventuring. cats funny pictures