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Oh my! My daughter and I have been sick and ive been diffusing thieves in one room and tea tree, lemon and lavender in living room to kill and disinfect. I hate that this could be hurting my cats. Ive been diffusing oils for a yr and using alot of these oils daily not knowing. I hope to god I didnt just harm my baby. :( Do you know if it would be safe to diffuse while cat is outside or would oil residue be all over house? This is so scary. Why has no one ever told me about this. What are some symptoms of build up. I noticed my cat was breathing very hard earlier. :(

Lavender plants Plants that cats hate is another repelling alternative

Lavender also seems cat-friendly, the cats hate the smell of it but they enjoy the shade it offers. This, of course, is anecdotal. Not sure if it is poisonous but I’ve never heard anyone say their cats got sick from it….

Which Smells or Herbs Will Repel Cats

Or plant lavender, curry plant ( Thank you for the article. There is so much conflicting evidence arround. I am currently undertaking Operation Repel Flea and know that the little blighters hate Lavender EO. I am using Lavender EO in a water spray on the soft furnishings and did use a tiny bit on the cats between the shoulder blades where they are unable to lick. It has improved things slightly.

Lavender: People love the scent, cats avoid it.

Seriously, try a motion sensor alarm that emits a high pitched wail. Or plant lavender, curry plant ("Helichrysum italicum" or "Helichrysum angustifolium")- cats hate these. Or pinecones in the areas where they crap. Or mothballs...there are quite a few options.

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