Sluggish digestive systems help furballs form. Prevent them from developing by getting your feline friend up and moving. Getting the blood to flow will improve your cat's health dramatically. Toys that make your cat jump and stretch are great ways to banish furballs forever.

DEAR E.J.: Fur balls can be a serious health issue in some cats, filling up part of the stomach or blocking the intestines.

Traditionally it has been thought that hairballs develop because of how cats groom themselves. As cats lick their fur, the tongue’s tiny barbs pull off excess hair. Inevitably, some hair gets swallowed in the process. Ideally, it passes through the body and ends up in stools, but hairballs form when hair wads up in the stomach instead.

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Furballs, as you’ve just read, can be serious. But your cat’s gagging could also be the sign of something much more serious. Fur balls are most commonly associated with cats, but may also affect dogs. A cat has an intrinsic instinct to groom its coat – helping to get rid of unsightly burs and knots. The cat has a raspy tongue, like sandpaper – helping to brush the coat and dislodge small debris. The licking of the coat means that a fair amount of hair is swallowed.

Furballs – My Favorite Thing About Cats

GG’s Furballs is a cat rescue that was founded by Gwen Grimes. GG’s Furballs is a no-kill, cage free, safe haven for felines in need in Howard and surrounding counties. We are not-for-profit and operate strictly on donations and adoption fees. We will provide immediate help to the strays in Howard and surrounding counties by rescuing as many as possible and most importantly, we will help ensure every placed cat is spayed/neutered before going to its new forever home.

All the work at GG’s Furballs is done by volunteers; we will have no paid employees. Our aim is to use the majority of our funds for the care of the cats and remain fiscally solvent.

Our goal is to find each and every one of the cats we take in a loving forever home and to ensure every placed cat is spayed/neutered, properly vaccinated, and healthy before going to its new forever home. We will care for and help place both kittens and adult cats into loving homes.

Furballs - My Favorite Thing About Cats! Not!! - Your Cat Care Guide

Starting in August GG's Furballs will be partnering with the Kokomo Area Career Center to help the vet tech class. We take adoptable cats to the school and they spend all week getting hands on attention from students while the students gain knowledge about animals.The short answer is that they swallow their fur when grooming themselves. Even shorthaired cats can be afflicted by hairballs in cats. How and why does this happen?Maine Coon cats, and other long or medium-haired cats, are prone to hairballs. How does this happen? They are very clean and tidy animals. They groom themselves meticulously. Watching a Maine Coon groom himself, you may think "There's no way he's going to get all that fur!"Don't think your cat won't get hairballs because it has short hair, or because you don't see it grooming excessively. Virtually all cats get hairballs from licking their fur to clean themselves. The fur accumulates in their stomachs and a few things can happen: The cat can vomit up the hairball or pass it in a bowel movement, or it can become lodged inside the cat's intestines.