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We spend a lot of time talking about how best to feed cats here, but I don’t think we’ve ever mentioned what to put that food in or on. Last week, TheOldBroad mentioned that she had a couple of cats with skin problems related to eating from plastic food bowls. While this is not a common problem, it is certainly worthy of mention.

Info: A pair of cats are locked in an epic battle over a bowl of milk.

The researchers did find that some cats do have a water bowl preference. Three of the sixteen cats (19%) showed individual preferences and consumed more water from a particular type of water bowl. Because of the small experimental population size it is hard to make generalities about bowl preferences for cats. But it is intriguing. Why?

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And I can't climb out of this hole, it's just like cats in a, just like cats in a bowl. The bowl you’ve chosen as kitty’s water bowl may actually be working against you. Choose a bowl that is truly cat-friendly. Your cat has long whiskers on each side of her muzzle and those whiskers are very sensitive. She doesn’t want to have to squish them in order to reach the water in the bowl. If you’ve noticed that your cat tends to dunk her paw in the water and then lick it, the reason may be that she doesn’t want to have squished whiskers. Choose a bowl that is not narrow and deep. Cats tend to prefer more shallow water (and food) bowls. Just make sure the shallow water bowl stays filled.

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No two cats are the same, and one of your kitties may need more food than the others or vice versa. Whether one kitty is smaller, bigger, at a different life stage or dealing with a medical condition, each feline needs a certain amount of food and that amount can vary as time goes on. For example, a cat who's packing too many pounds and needs to shed the weight can't eat from a free-feeding bowl without causing even more health problems. Plus, some cats, especially strays, have a tendency to eat as fast as they can, throw up the food and then rinse and repeat. Separate bowls and timed feedings can prevent that annoying and nasty habit.

This transparent bubble bowl is a swing bed for cats.

While millions of Americans tune in to Sunday's Super Bowl, another intense competition will be going down at the same time: the This big game, however, involves slightly more cuddly players; "ultimate feline catsravaganza," it's a must-watch for cat lovers. Fluffy kittens are put into "teams" on a field filled with obstacles like hamster balls and tunnels. Depending on the cats' abilities to navigate the obstacles, their team moves the ball towards a touchdown. Tricky!Ceramic tends to cost the most in pet shops because the bowls are not only heavy and sturdy, but very attractive to us hoomans. While it is a good option, you have to make sure the coating used on ceramic dishes and bowls is safe! If it is certified for food, the glaze on the bowl should be lead free. I use black ceramic bowls for my cats but they are intended for human use. If you want to be certain, stick to small dinnerware plates and bowls marketed for hoomans, not kitties.