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I hope that after doing your own research, you’ll come to the conclusion that wet food is a better choice for cats. Yes, some cats will live well into their teens on dry food, just like some humans seem to live into their nineties on a diet of processed foods and junk food. But are they as healthy as they could be?

— Put a small bowl of wet food beside the cat’s dry. Some cats like to experiment and will try the wet food if it’s right there.

Cats originally lived in the desert. There were not used to drink much water (there were no many sources of it). They gained fluid by eating the whole prey, including blood. Now when they live at our houses they are still not used to drink as much water as they should, so we should at least give them wet food and also encourage them to drink (there are many funny ways to do this).

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Some pets need high calorie foods particularly  or ill cats. These cats need soft, wet, tasty and easily eaten and digested foods. I very much enjoyed reading your web site. I feed my cats a combination of wet (Avo Derm) and dry (Science Diet) foods. One of my cats is very finicky and will only eat those two types of food. She won’t eat treats or boiled egg whites like my other cat. I understand your recommendation not to feed dry food but don’t find it practical for my lifestyle. I have an automatic feeder which which works out great for times when I am not able to be home exactly at feeding time and if I have to go away for a weekend. I’ve owned cats my entire life and have never had any issues feeding them dry food. Reading your site was the first time I have seen a recommendation not to feed cats dry food.

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Cat’s love variety and canned cat food from Dollar General is a great option to keep your pets interested in their meals. Boredom at meal time can lead to a number of problems and serving your pet canned cat food is one way to liven things up. Offering greater levels of protein and moisture than dry food, canned cat food also closely resemble the natural, meat-based foods that cats would commonly receive in the wild. Moreover, wet cat food provides more energy for your cat during colder winter temperatures. Repay your pet’s devotion with canned cat food from Dollar General.

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Because dry cat food contains more starch and more carbohydrates than canned cat food, some have argued that a diet containing large amounts of carbohydrates is unnatural for a cat that is anatomically and physiologically designed to be a carnivore. Carbohydrates constitute between 30 percent and 40 percent of dry cat food. Some have been concerned that this unnatural diet is harmful to cats and leads to increased incidence of diabetes. Wet cat food, on the other hand, is high in protein and more similar to a natural carnivore diet. What really upsets a cat's digestion is sudden changes in food, like one day you feed her Purina One and the next day Science Diet. Also, milk can upset their digestion. "Catsip" from the pet store is better. My three get a third of a little can of wet food daily as a treat. They are healthy, happy and always get the okey-dokey from their vet. If a cat throws up all food, it's usually because they ate too fast and swallowed too much air. Try feeding her just a small amount a few times a day, getting a timed feeder or free feeding so she won't gulp her food down as soon as you set it in front of her. The time to worry is when she stops eating, starts hiding, stops playing, etc. Any sudden change in behavior warrants an immediate trip to the vet--or a least a call.