My cats love their fat cat boogie mats filled with catnip

The Yoga Cat Mat is for today’s hip modern enlightenment seeking cat. If you would like to order The Yoga Cat Mat, please visit the

Cat Bed Cat Cave Cat House Felted Wool. Cat Mat For by InnaGanke for captn Jack?

Today’s hip modern enlightenment seeking cat needs their own yoga mat. Cats love yoga mats so this unique toy is perfect for your special feline. It also offers something that can't be found on a human's yoga mat- a special kitty yoga prop made with sisal rope and a catnip stuffed natural twine ball. (twine ball without catnip is also available, so if you prefer this, please convo me or leave a note in the note section at the time of purchase.)

Boogie mat.. cute as it can be, but my cats ignore it.

I have two cats. My cats are totally different. Both of my cats enjoy the catnip yoga mat. I was surprised how quickly my cat went after the mat. It was soooo funny to see how she started scratching and playing with the catnip ball....

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Miss here, my Hooman used her iPadding clicker and 1 cat nip warmer mat showed up a couple days later. Well the twins, Pumpkin and Tiger tried opening it cause it smelled so nippy, but MY Hooman took it and put it in my bed. I let my hooman sleep with me….they like that. Well all three boys kept sneaking in when I wasn’t lookin, and little brother Hitch tried to steal it. Really! He was dragging it out the door! That boy would take my hooman if I didn’t chase him off regularly. So my hooman told the grandlady that she had to fix things. I thought that meant the boys were leaving! My hooman clicked again and instead of the brother cats disappearing, another nippy bag came! This had 2 to nippy warmer mats. Now I have THREE!!! I love hoomans.

Our toys are made with new materials and organic catnip.

Catnip mats that's are made from soft flannel with 2 layers of batting, giving a plush place for kitties to get a catnip high and doze off once they are done playing. Catnip mats have a generous amount of catnip that kitties cannot resist!
The catnip mats are 16" x 20". Names can be embroidered for an additional fee. The back side of the catnip mat is done in a coordinating color. If you choose to have a name embroidered, please put name in the notes section when checking out.

1. Pink, Blue, orange, white, green plaid
2. Multi color dots on gray background
3. Paw prints on Pinkbackground
4. Food trucks on White background

Some of the catnip mat fabrics have coordinating Blissful Blankies. Gift Sets are available, please contact me if interested.

All items come from a smoke free home. There are multiple cats in this household. Pillows and Mats are machine washable in cold/warm water and the organic homegrown catnip stays fresh after multiple washes. They are stuffed with anti-bacterial stuffing and 2 cups of catnip that is primarily buds and leaves. Do not use bleach. Place in the dryer by itself with no fabric softener. We do attach washing directions to the pillow, if we are sending the pillow as a gift for someone else or for Kitty Birthday or Christmas. Please let us know, along with a complimentary gift card we will also include a cute complimentary gift bag. Each regular size pillow/may is approximately 17" by 17".