3 cups Dried catnip....... Fresh :)

Snowy, I can't say I've tried the spray, but I have catnip filled toy, (the Yeoww!! banana) and that vs the catnip dried leaves? Well both my kitties the dried leaves a lot more and will often eat it, too! The kitty "highs" they get only last about 5 minutes, though, lol.

Don’t put out a large amount of dried catnip for your pet. About half a teaspoon full is enough.

Store your dried catnip in plastic bags in a cool area. You can also freeze the dried catnip. Your catnip will be good for several months. It does lose its potency over time, so replace your dried stocks each growing season.

~Potent dried catnip buds that will delight your feline friends!

A pinch or two of dried catnip as a treat is suitable for most cats, or you can give your cat a... Behavior Modification Placing a little catnip on a new scratching post can encourage a cat to try it out and forgo shredding the couch. We like working in a few teaspoons of dried catnip into the carpet or sisal. A long tube sock with catnip in the toe can be tied around a scratching post as well.

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The chemical in catnip which is responsible for its cat-attractant properties is nepetalactone. Cats mistake it for a feline pheromone. Pheromones are odors which influence cats’ behavior and are used for communication (). Nepetalactone is released from both fresh and dried catnip. When they smell it, it binds to their olfactory receptors and triggers a behavioral response. You should notice some or all of the following reactions when your cat sniffs some catnip ():

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Nepeta. There are over 200 species of the genus known generically as catnip or catmint. Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a perennial with soft, dark green leaves, flexible stems and tiny purple and white flowers. It can be grown from seeds, it self seeds easily and grows to about 3 feet tall. Catmint, Nepeta mussinii, has gray-green leaves and small spikes of lavender flowers. It can also be grown from seeds and grows to about 1 foot tall. There are other variations many of which are readily available as seedlings in local nurseries. In temperate climates, these plants are evergreen and grow readily in windows boxes or in the ground in full or partial sun. The dried leaves can be brewed into (we're partial to coffee ourselves and haven't tried it yet) and is said to encourage relaxation. Separate the leaves and flowers from the stems. Dispose of the stems. Crumble the dried leaves and flowers into a bag. Plastic bags with an airtight seal are best to lock moisture out of the dried catnip. Seal all bags.Catnip can also be hung in a bunch upside down in a cool place to dry. We are partial, however, to not going to such trouble since dried catnip is available in many easy-to-use forms. If you have fresh catnip, it is best to use it fresh. Catnip can be used in either the fresh or dried leaf form or in a liquid spray. There isn’t much difference in potency between the three. The best catnip to buy depends on how you want to use it.